How's your day? February 2016

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by macaronus, Feb 1, 2016.

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  1. '65 G-Slim

    '65 G-Slim Well-Known Member

    I lived & worked in Houston, off & on, for ten years. I don't even drive through that place anymore. Austin's not getting any better, though. In two years 320 days, I'm heading east.
  2. '65 G-Slim

    '65 G-Slim Well-Known Member

    Beats my Eggo waffle chicken patty thingies.
  3. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    Not a bad day...I managed to get to the supermarket & back before it started snowing. I paid some bills & then hung a picture I'd been meaning to hang for a while.
  4. RaZorBurn123

    RaZorBurn123 waiting hardily...............

    :angelic013:I hope it worked out okay JoAnna. You are much braver than I am.
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  5. KLF

    KLF Doctorin

    Workplace sent me to a three-days course which I start today. Need to look sharp, lots of mingling with important people. Fortunately, a good shave did the trick
  6. Robyflexx

    Robyflexx Broke the Like button

    :bounce017:Good Luck :bounce017: @KLF
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  7. Halvor

    Halvor Well-Known Member

    Tuesday and first work day for me this week, stomach issues and stayed home yesterday; probably something I ate. Subsided over the course of the day, though, so I got to do some hedge trimming (not sure about timing? It's still cold and snow out, but it was sunny) and, like Sara, I got around to hanging a picture. One which I got for Christmas...

    @Queen of Blades A needle and an eye - not a good combination, I would imagine. Hope all went well!
  8. Marverel

    Marverel Well-Known Member

    This day had its good and not so good moments so far ;)

    We built a new house last year ... so no long vacation for us in 2015 and 2016 - but we're slowly recovering financially so we booked an Eastern Caribbean Cruise today for February 2017 :bounce017: I think we will stay in Florida for another 8-10 days after the cruise.

    And then I got an appointment with an oral surgeon ... all 4 wisdom teeth will be removed on March 2nd :eek:
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  9. micah1_8

    micah1_8 Poor Heartless Prevert

    It sure is Tuesday. :signs131:

    In other news, I watched Spectre last night. Enjoyed it thoroughly. The critics are idiots.
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  10. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    Good so far. Did a bank&supermarket run(both located in the same "mall". I'm looking forward to the tonight's showing of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show...great breeds are in the Best in Show running so far. I always need a strong cuppa coffee to stay with it :).
  11. Dapper-in-a-can-man

    Dapper-in-a-can-man and Dad-on-hand

    Dapper Jr is getting to big

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  12. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps


    Dada looks tied.

    What's that tat of?
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  13. Halvor

    Halvor Well-Known Member

    I am envious of the two first elements; not so much of the third.. Have you had them for a long while without them causing any trouble? My dentist says I can keep mine as long as nothing changes and they don't push other teeth out of position.
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  14. Marverel

    Marverel Well-Known Member

    Yeah - they start to move outwards and cause some problems. I hesitated for quite some time, but a few weeks ago a piece of one tooth broke off - so I could not avoid it any longer :rolleyes:
  15. Dapper-in-a-can-man

    Dapper-in-a-can-man and Dad-on-hand


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  16. Mr. Freeze93

    Mr. Freeze93 Prefers the baby blue dress

    Great day/night so far. Relaxed with SWMBO and the kids. Got caught up on almost all the bills we where behind on. And then the day turned to not so good. ....while taking out the trash I noticed the loveable gang of squirrel's decided to chew a perfectly round hole the size of a squirrel head through the new garbage cans I bought as the old ones where gross and didn't give much protection against these hungry furry pains in the rear. The wife says its no big deal and that its ok because they are cute... I am about one more torn bag away from plan B...:bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang:
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  17. macaronus

    macaronus Sir Nice-a-Lot

    Junior looks like a handful

    ...of joy!

    And the tat looks neat! Old Spice?
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  18. Dapper-in-a-can-man

    Dapper-in-a-can-man and Dad-on-hand

    The tat is a random Galleon. It is hardly finished. It will all be done in old school style.
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  19. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

    Looks nice... but I'm guessing that's a really tender spot to tat. OUCH.
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  20. Red Rider

    Red Rider Well-Known Member

    Gas dryer died a month after having it serviced. Internal lint vacuum and pulley lubrication. It appears that the heat sensor or igniter died. At this point I'm just going to replace the dryer. Timing sucks as I would rather have not spent the money on servicing.
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