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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by Happy janitor, Mar 3, 2018.

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    my order from wcs and stirling arrived. In a previous thread i posted that i ordered some stirling barbershop and executive man Shave soaps along with the boar brush. Well i got to use the brush and executive man tonight. Here's my experience.
    The brush....i made some lather with the executive man to play with the brush and try the lather. The brush is stiff, which is nice on my face, nice backbone, no animal smell that i could detect. The boar lost several hairs but in no way did it compromise the brush whatsoever. I let the boar hang for a couple hours and went back to try more lather, ( and frankly just to smell it again). My first lather wasnt so good because imo i didnt have the water right.
    Lather.. I watched a couple YouTube videos about lathering stirling as i have never had it before. So, feeling inspired, i went back to do it again. This was much more successful than my first attempt. And it whipped up much faster. That lather was so beautiful I couldn't wait to shave today. Very nice stuff! Using the boar, and a quality soap like stirling truly made this shave very pleasurable. The brush really really holds the lather very great. Its so much better than the previous products i was using(synthetic brush from a starter kit). I know the boar will break in and soften over time, but if it takes awhile, thats fine with me. I really like it.
    My technique still needs work on the shave. My neck area on one side has been taking a beating with blood spots. I did also receive sample blades and next shave I'll try a different blade. Also I'll be researching my next DE razor. Well, I've already decided on the Merkur 34c. That'll be ordered in a few weeks. Oh, i almost forgot, i tried the clubman special reserve just to see how it is. I like it but my wife said it smells like a grandpa. Lol. Whatever right. That concludes tonights shave experience with some better products. I think i need more boars.
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    Me, too. I like the scrubby scritchy feeling of a newer boar brush. Once they get broken in and soft they are OK, but I like the breaking in process.

    Sounds like too much pressure. Those cartridge razors with their bumpers and guards hold the blades away from the skin and require pressing to hit the hair. Adjust you angle (Ride the cap?) and only enough pressure to wipe away the lather. Let us know how it goes?

    Grandpa? Maybe Indiana Jones wearing a leather jacket riding a motorcycle with James Bond in his side car!
    Indiana-Jones on motorcycle.jpg
    I've blended Special Reserve with both English Leather & Avon Leather. It tones down the "comfortable leather jacket" scent but still lasts all day.
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    You’ve made a good choice on the soap and, IMHO, you can’t beat a boar brush. Expect to lose a few more hairs from the brush as it breaks in, but it will eventually settle down and give you years of use.

    The neck is commonly the most difficult part to shave. Often the neck hair grows in different directions and makes it hard to know if you’re shaving with, against or across the grain. Try using less pressure and go with the grain (map the growth pattern before the shave).

    The Merkur 34c was the second DE I ever bought and I love the shaves I get out of it. The 34c is a quality razor. Good choice there too!
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    That brush will get better with each shave! Enjoy.
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    I guess because I am a grandpa, it doesn't matter what aftershave splash I use. Or if I use none. I'll still smell like a grandpa. Although I suppose that using Pinaud SR make me smell more grandpa-ish than normal.
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    I have the 34c and love it. My first experience with DE shaving and although technique took some time it has felt so comfortable in my hand from the beginning

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