I stumbled back around.

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by IAmTheJody, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master

    I always do. Eventually. Hi again TSD. Hi again old friends. Hi for the first time new friends.

  2. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©


    How's it going, Jody??
    I had stepped away for a couple of years, myself.
    Still a lot of the same old crew.
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  3. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master

    All is well!

    I was looking through my Google calendar and saw my TSD anniversary noted (11 years!!) so I figured I'd show up and see what all is new, catch up with folks, PIF and/or trade some Voskhod blades because I still have way too many (1,300) from the group buy we held years ago, and of course looking for a few specific razors for use. As you know, I don't collect anymore but recently - and this tells you how much I have been paying attention - I did add the two new Gillette DE razors to my display cabinet, to compliment the few vintage Gillette razors I kept from my collecting days.

    Hope you are well!
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  4. stingraysrock

    stingraysrock PIF'd away his custom title

    Great to see you posting again!
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  5. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    I'm well, thanks.
    Since my return, what has been the biggest surprise is the lack of fresh threads. There are so many threads that have been around for years and have notched up thousands of posts. That does show the popularity of those threads, though.
  6. brit

    brit in a box

    hello and welcome back..:)
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  7. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
  8. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

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  9. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    Do you have any of the Tet a Tet left? You had a heck of a collection at one point.
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  10. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    Glad to see your post @IAmTheJody I miss the familiar faces.

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  11. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

    Well, well, well. Look what the Womp rat dragged in! :lyrtuy5:
  12. Old School

    Old School *$&%@#~

    I'll say hello, maybe for the first time?
    I went on a hiatus for a couple myself, and rad kicked in again.
    I tell myself all I want is a toggle and I'll stop but...
    Curious, you say you're looking for a couple of razors, what are you itching for?

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  13. Shaver X

    Shaver X Well-Known Member

    Hi @IAmTheJody! Glad to see you around. I am here less than I used to be, but think this is still the best wetshaving forum around. It's always great to see familiar faces here!
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  14. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master

    Awesome to see you again!

    I've got 4 tubes of TaT shaving cream left and 8 tubes of the aftershave balm left.

    I was actually thinking about doing a PIF on the aftershave balm. I just don't use it enough to hang on to that much. Not really a big aftershave person anyway, especially since they killed off the original Proraso Crema Liquida Dopobarba. When I am done shaving, I usually drench myself in some Hugo Boss cologne or Sauvage cologne.
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  15. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master

    Thanks bud! I'm still using my brush you restored for me 9 years ago! Hope you're well!
  16. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master


    A 1934 Gillette Aristocrat TTO. Worst decision I ever made in wet shaving was getting rid of mine. That's the number one I'm looking for.

    A 1930s British Gillette No. 77 or No. 88 2-piece.

    A 1914-1921 Gillette Bulldog 3-piece.

    Schick Type D and Type F injector razers.

    Any T-4 date code (1973, birth year) Gillette.

    Only some of the hardest to find in good condition. lol
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  17. Old School

    Old School *$&%@#~

    Whatever gets you out of bed in the morning lol.
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  18. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

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  19. battle.munky

    battle.munky Has the menthol.munky on his back!


    Good to see you again Sir!
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