I think I just committed a cardinal sin...

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by ColtJustice, Aug 30, 2017.

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    I've got a couple of ideas I still want to try. Otherwise, that's always an option for later.
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    So there is a happy ending to this story. I was so frustrated when it happened, I just overlooked there is a small screw slot on the bottom, inside the cap. My tired old eyes just didn't see it. When I did see it, I was still just too frustrated and angry at it to try it again right away. So, when I calmed down, I took a screwdriver to it and found out it unscrews the two halves of the razor. I didn't know it had two halves, but I do now. After unscrewing it, the paper clip came right out, and I had to push the cotton ball back the other direction because the hole is narrow on the bottom end.
    So it came out with a little coaxing, I put it back together again, and it seems to be just fine. :happy093:But it looks a little gummy inside, so I'm going to give it a turbosonic bath tomorrow, along with the new 1960 Super Speed Flair tip that came today. But it was supposed to be an F1 and it's an F4. :sad023:
    You know there are 8 parts to a Merkur Vision? :(
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