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  1. I was doing some research on Method Shaving. I came across an old post and it was an interview of Charles Roberts founder. His answer for the fifth question I never noticed before. He mentioned that feather blades are suited very well for Gillette or Schick razors and not heavy razors(cause serious burns) Does this seem to make sense to people who think Feathers cause too much burn. It seems razors meant to be used to with med to light Gillette/Schick razors. Does anyone know more about this? The idea behind using a feather is that relies more on sharpness to cut then weight? Here is a link to the interview.

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    That fits why feathers work so well in Gillette Super Speeds and Techs.
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    I've never tried method shaving or have read that interview, but I've always felt the lighter razors with the sharpest blades shave best for me.
    Thats why I prefer feather blades, but all my razor preferences are the lighter types.

    Some people say they like the merkur HDs or the fatboys with a blade not as sharp as the feather because they like the heft and weight of the handle. I don't because the heavy weight and a blade not as sharp produces a lot of tugging and dragging for me.

    I prefer a feather blade that has no dragging, just a sharp cutting action. But with the feather blade you have to have a very light touch. So my favourite razors are the very light handled ones and I let just the razor head weight do all the work. I like unbalanced razors where the handle is lighter than the head. My first succesfull DE shave was when I gave up on the merkur and tried a 1970s plastic handled TTO gillette knack/g1000/g2000 type model. Since then though I've used NEWs and superspeeds OK, but I prefer say the slim over the fatboy for example.

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