Imagine a World Without Elecrticity

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by Jayaruh, Sep 16, 2021.

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    I was expecting something Amish
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    It's quite out here.....
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  8. DaltonGang

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    If prepared properly, I would look forward to it. Give me a couple hundred acres, in the mountains, beside a lake, and in a cabin. Yes, I would love it.
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    Best investment I ever made was buying a dual-fuel gasoline or propane portable generator with enough power for my whole house for $1200, converting the propane fuel option to run off of my natural gas so no trips to and long lines at the gas station, and paying the electrician $300 for his work to make it all work together. Add in the manual transfer switch and miscellaneous other parts and all in for $1,700. Local Generac dealer wanted $3,000 for the Generac generator and another $7,000 for installation. My setup got me through 3 days of power outage last winter. Had neighbors coming over wanting to know if they could charge their phones, and of course I obliged, in addition to making coffee each morning for those that wanted it.

    Of course there is always the possibility that the natural gas could be shut off as well but I have yet to ever experience that during a power outage.
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  10. DaltonGang

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    Natural gas would only be shut off with an earthquake. It is all underground. In Houston, many people in my neighborhood have Generators hooked up to the natural gas lines. During our frequent outages, they have it made. The last really good outage I had was only for three days, and I had enough gasoline to take care of it.
    The time before, it was out for two weeks, and there were only a handful of gas stations open, in the entire Houston area. I had to work every day, so I had access to as much free gas as I wanted, and would bring home 10 gallons a day. My wife would fill up our little 5000 watt Coleman when it was low, for 14 days, 24 hrs a day. After day two, I was the only one for several blocks who had power. Everyone else ran out of gas. I had a cord running to neighbors on both sides of us. One light and the refrigerator were all they were allowed to run. If they wanted to run something larger, they had to give me warning, so things wouldnt trip. We had our refrigerator, a window A/C unit, and we would run our coffee maker and toaster when we needed. That little Coleman is a champ. With synthetic oil in it, it just runs forever.
    After that, a lot of neighbors started to install permanent Whole House Generators.
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