Is there a difference in shave quality between Rockwell 6S and 6C

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by McCrae, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. McCrae

    McCrae Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone,
    I've been wet-shaving for almost 6 months now and I've been really enjoying it. I'm currently using a EJ DE89 razor and thought it is time for an upgrade. I have fairly coarse/thick hair and somewhat sensitive skin, the DE89 is a fantastic razor, but I feel that it's too mild for me. I've been considering purchasing an adjustable razor and I have my eyes set on the Rockwell 6c/s. I just wanted to know from those of you that own or tried both razors, how do they compare when shaving? I would imagine the shave would be just about identical, but I heard someone say that the 6C "glides" better. The 6C sounds more tempting because it's half the price, but if the 6S provides a better shave then I can just go with that no problem.

    Thanks :)
  2. jmudrick

    jmudrick Well-Known Member

    If you prefer a heavier razor the 6S is heavier. If you are sensitive to "glide" the smooth finish of the 6C plating may feel better. Otherwise they are identical. Your call. I prefer the weight of the 6C .
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  3. Jarvis

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    I have both and the 6C does feel smoother on the face due to the smooth chrome plating compared to the rougher stainless surface although the shaves from both seems to be identical from what my experience. I just got the 6S a week ago so I’m still evaluating it.
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  4. GoHabs

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    I find the 6S more aggressive than the 2C (on plates 1 and 3).
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