Is YOUR Gillette NEW razor a De Luxe?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Darkbulb, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Darkbulb

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    For some reason I had never heard of the fact that there is a sub-set of Gillette NEW razors that are classified as "De Luxe" razors. The main difference lies in the baseplate that is a bit bigger/thicker on the De Luxe models (this additional thickness now hides/covers the center groove making the bottom of the base plate smooth).
    "The De Luxe version is most easily recognized by the flat bottom on its base plate and .../.... sometimes a slightly larger hole. "

    The two versions of NEW De Luxe baseplates:

    The De Luxe versions look very similar to the, well what should we call them... "the common" NEW razors, but;

    a) They weigh a bit more (they are after all De Luxe) - about 3-5gr more,

    b) Manufactured only during the 1930's - and in two separate batches - during 1930 and later during 1935.
    - The razors made in (circa) 1930 have Serial Number - but no patent numbers, and
    - The razors made in (circa) 1935 have Patent Numbers - but no Serial numbers.

    Also note - these De Luxe variations may appear in a number of models - NEW w/ common bar handle, NEW Tuckaway, NEW Lady set, NEW Big Boy, etc, etc

    So - maybe it's time to dig out those 1930's NEW razors you have and see if maybe you got yourself a De Luxe one and not a..well...common one.
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    Really good info here. One other note on de luxe is that they have a different knurling pattern on the handle when compared to new common bars.
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  3. 782sirbrian

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  4. Peter Martin

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    The given information in this post is really very good.
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  5. Stubbl E

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    I've both the standard NEW in the familiar short comb & long comb variants as well as the NEW De Luxe in both the 15mm & 17mm variants, and the De Luxe is, for me, a much better shaver - more efficient and smoother - than the standard NEW in either configuration. Apples and oranges really. The standard NEW is a noticeably milder shaver, pretty much just an open comb version of a pre-war heavy Tech. Nice an' all, just very mild. Whereas the NEW De Luxe shaves very much like the New Improved for me - a bit more aggressive than a standard NEW and still very smooth.

    The De Luxe was available in both Gillette's spindle style handle - with the blade guard attached to the hollow tube handle. and as a 3 piece razor - typically with the so-called Common Bar handle and traditional top cap & blade guard all as separate bits. As far as I know the heads were the same aside from this, from the Tuckaway version right on up to the Big Fellow.

    I've two 17mm heads, one on a bar handle and the other splits time with a New Improved Tuckaway head sitting atop a Weber Bulldog handle; and one 15mm head, also on a common bar handle.

    None of my DE razors have been getting much use lately as I've been preferring the shaves from a straight razor, but the NEW De Luxes used to be one of my favourite DE shavers, right behind the Old Types and then the New Improved.
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  6. Jayaruh

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    I have two NEWs, but evidently they are not De Luxe. One USA and one England.

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  7. PanChango

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    Don't forget the New Standard and New Improved as well. :)

    Both my Deluxe and Improved came as Tuckaways and are out being Nickel plated.
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  8. Jayaruh

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    Can anyone comment on this photo? Is the evolution of the New from the Old Type in the right order? New Improved, New Deluxe, Short Comb New, Long comb New, Goodwill.

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  9. Darkbulb

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    I own four Gillette NEW razors - and lo and behold my Gillette Big Boy is indeed a De Luxe.


    The bottom of the base plate:

    ...and the number "31563" on the top of the base plate.


    ....which rather puzzles me....

    Obviously the razor is not from 1904 - but from the 30's - but I can't seem to understand how this serial number is in line with the Gillette date codes.
    Is it as simple as it being a patent number? But it seems awfully short for that to be on a razor in the 30's - and normally patent numbers are called out as "Pat:...."
    There is also patent information on the ring on the outside of the razor.

    Grateful for any insight anyone can provide :)
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  10. celestino

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    Some lovely open-comb razors, here! :)
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  11. 782sirbrian

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    The Deluxes with a date code are said to date from 1930 link below to dates.
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  12. Darkbulb

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    But the thing is...that doesn't look like a date code from the 30's.
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  14. Darkbulb

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  15. Peter Martin

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    Nice One!!!
  16. Darkbulb

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    Good question.
    Looking at the break-down over at Mr-Razor it does seem like the order is accurate with potentially the exception that the 7'OClock should be listed after Goodwill as, if memory serves me right, they were a version of Techs.
    Then again, I could also be wrong :)
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  17. Herm2502

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    I'm not sure, but weren't the goodwill's just after the old types? Some were made from old type parts. Then came the New, right? Goodwills were only made on '31 and '32, I thought.
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  18. Jayaruh

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    I think you are right. Good eye/brain.
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  19. Darkbulb

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    That might very well be the case :)
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  20. Herm2502

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    Jayaruh know News, our at least I thought so. I have a SC, a LC, and a New Standard and love 'em all. Guess I need to add the Deluxe to my list. Maybe an English New, too?

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