it's tiny.

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Ichabod Crayne, Apr 22, 2013.

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    My mom gave me this razor tonight. Belonged to my Grandfather. Looks like a tech variant.. travel razor? Made in England N1 code.
    Were these available in North America?
    Handle is definitely not aluminum as mentioned on another posting.
    Any insights as to true model, date of build etc?
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  2. Ryan B

    Ryan B Knight of the Soapocracy

    That's a Gillette Aluminum Tech. I have the exact same one, only mine is a P4.
  3. Lexicon Devil

    Lexicon Devil the Liberace of shaving

  4. If the criteria for the model designation is the aluminum handle this one doesn't match. The handle on this model is very heavy with a dull solid sound when dropped and it is very definitely plated.
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  5. Ryan B

    Ryan B Knight of the Soapocracy

    I thought about burning him on that one, but just couldn't. :happy102:
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  6. youngunn

    youngunn Where's my TSD aftershave balm???

    It's not the size but how you use it bro. Lots of short strokes. Should give smooth shave.

    He he :)
  7. You guys know we're talkin about my razor here right? ;)
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  8. southernscribbler

    southernscribbler Well-Known Member

    LOL It does seem strange that there are comments with the topic title, isn't it?
  9. Lesson learned.... it's all in the title.
  10. LGh

    LGh New Member

    I have an alu tech just like yours. I quite like it. It gives a very effortless smooth shave, but it's very light. I prefer heavier razors, but I still use the alu tech now and then because it's just so, well, smooth!
  11. Hirsute

    Hirsute Active Member

    If the handle isn't aluminum, it would be an English nickel plated tech. There's a similar one on Mr Razor's site. N1 puts it in the first quarter of 1968.
  12. Y
    Yes I believe you're right. I came to the same conclusion when I checked out his site earlier.
    Thanks for nailing down the date for me.
    It's not quite a birth year razor but a cool little machine anyway.
  13. GlennConti

    GlennConti Well-Known Member

    Hey, it belonged to your Grandfather. That makes it very special. It's cool to have and be able to use. :)
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  14. 178-bplatoon

    178-bplatoon Well-Known Member

    I have two of those razors. Both are aluminum handled,neither have a date code,both say "Made in England" on the underside of the blade pan. Heres where it gets strange one has a standard looking Tech shave head, but the other has an Old Style Open Comb. The Tech looking head has Gillete stamped on it, but not the open comb head. I'm not sure if it's a "FrankenRazor" or not, but it looks neat....:)
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  15. Yeah its cool to be able to use it because it was my Grandfather's.
    I have done a little more digging and I won't know for sure until I weigh it but it's either an English nickel plated or the Sportsman tech.
    I did try it out and I must say I better wait for my blade sampler pack to arrive before I do that again..
    The drug store gillette blade did this razor no justice.
  16. I love the variations of these razors.. it's hard to have just one or two.
    Uh oh..... RAD talking ;-)
  17. 178-bplatoon

    178-bplatoon Well-Known Member

    Well one good thing about collecting razors is you can easily afford "MORE" then one!! :happy108: The hard part is stopping...:signs131:
  18. Old School

    Old School *$&%@#~

    Womens favorites in order of overall satisfaction:
    1. Fat boy
    2. Slim
    3. Tiny

    I don't have the source to quote the findings from for some reason...
  19. GlennConti

    GlennConti Well-Known Member

    Then there's "Very Tiny". The Gillette Travel Tech.
  20. HoosierTrooper

    HoosierTrooper Steve-less in Indiana

    I'm not sure where you live, but if you found Gillette brand DE blades in a US drugstore some members would probably like the name of the store and what blades they are. I didn't think any drugstores stocked Gillette brand DE blades anymore.

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