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  1. Leclec13

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    I was talking to someone about one of my razors. He stated it has a small j-hook at heel. the conversation went so fast i didn't have time to ask....

    I don't know what that means. I looked at razor and can't figure it out.

    can some one explain/diagram j -hook fault in reference to SR
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  2. M14Shooter

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    I believe they are talking about when the blade edge is worn down by a significant amount from use and honing over the years of use .Then that fault will appear .There is also the term J-Hooking which refers to a type of style of pass when using a DE Razor .
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  3. Steve56

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    WRT a straight razor, yes it occurs when a razor usually with a stabilizer has been worn down. You’re not really supposed to hone the stabilizer, so when the edge is worn up past the stabilizer, you get a hook, also called a heel hook. Ideally a razor mechanic would then grind the stabilizer back into ‘congruence’ with the worn edge. But you’ll see lots of razors with honed stabilizers which is ugly IMO, but it does prevent the heel hook from forming.

    Oz Parker has a very informative post on fixing heel hooks over at SRP but I can’t find the link right off hand. Maybe @gssixgun can help?

    Cheers, Steve
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  4. gssixgun

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    "Heel Hook" is the term when searching the Forums for info

    This is an EXTREME example, :p but it sure gives you an idea of how bad they can get

    Anytime you have an oversized shoulder or you are doing a bit of edge correction you have to watch for them forming..

    The shoulders have to be ground back, sometimes from the face, and always from the bottom

  5. Leclec13

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    Thanks, that clears thing up

    i've recently seen a few used/ vintage razors where heel area has greater width

    is it still considered a heel hook if the heel has a slightly greater width than rest of blade ? or even gradual increase in width toward heel?

    or is it specifically narrower width then greater width at shoulder?

    how would i with correct coarser stone/hone?

    i have a few SR's with shoulders .. how do avoid this in long run?
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  6. gssixgun

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    The "Heel Hook" is caused by honing

    The condition on the shoulders that can cause it is from a slightly off grinding

    So you have two fixes going on here, one to fix the issue by recontouring on the edge, and if needed one on the shoulders themselves to knock that back
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  7. Vlasta

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    I also J-Hook or J-Slide with my straights too.
  8. Steve56

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