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    Yesterday, I made two handles: 314 and 315. I went ahead and finished #314. I am calling it my Pi brush. I will use it for my March 14 shaves. It is made of cocobolo and has a 2-band badger knot. I am planning on using it all next week. I set it with silicone, so I will wait until tomorrow to do my test lathering.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    I made a mistake in measurements, and the handles ended up about 3/8 inch too long.


    I took them to the belt sander, and I took off the 3/8 from the top and re-drilled the holes. Next, I branded each with their appropriate number.




    Now, all I lack is finishing up.


    This is #314 with two coats of polycrylic.



    Here is #314 finished. I will be keeping it. I am going to wait to finish #315. I have some knots coming that may be suitable for it.
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