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    @Screwtape sent me his SynBad knot that fell out of his brush. He wanted to give it a new home. This synthetic badger knot measured 28mm on the plug. I had made a handle for it from mahogany and was waiting on the knot's arrival. It arrived today, so I opened the hole to make it fit. This is an awesome knot. It looks like a two-band badger and is very soft with nice backbone.

    Before fitting the knot.

    Dry fitting.

    Glamour shot. JR15320_15.jpg
  2. wristwatchb

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    Beautiful, Jim! :happy088:
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  3. Linuxguile

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    The knot fell out ?!?!?! :shocked003: Great work as always Jim!
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  4. Screwtape

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    No, actually I owed Neal @NCoxSTL a knot after losing a bet with him so I bought him a big SynBad at APShaveCo to fit a brush handle Jason made for him, having also lost the bet (staying in NB'18 to the bitter end). While there and paying shipping anyway, I bought myself a brush already loaded with a knot and a couple loose knots. This was was one of the loose knots; the one in the APShaveCo U-Brush handle still seems firmly attached.

    Jim's work does look fantastic though, doesn’t it?
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    Nicely done.

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    Thanks, John. I guess I got my facts mixed up. Sorry about that.
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  7. PatrickA51

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    Looks good Jim.
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  8. Screwtape

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    You got the brush absolutely perfect, though, so who cares about the facts of the knot's origin? :)
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  9. Dzia Dzia

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    #320. And to think I got a custom hand-carved barrel at #14. I knew you would never quit.

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  10. Jayaruh

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    Thanks, Don. Look what you started. It has been a fun ride. I have adopted using polycrylic on your recommendation. It works great and doesn't yellow the wood.
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