John Watts. Frameback

Discussion in 'Razor Restoration' started by M14Shooter, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. M14Shooter

    M14Shooter Well-Known Member

    Just finished restoring the John Watts Frame back.I cleaned the rust off with a progression of Micro Mesh.I reset bevel on 1K Sharpton Glass and did a progression to 8K .The edge was finished on a Belgian Couticle.She is a sweet shaver.I love the thumb notch.It give you a bit more control.
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  2. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    That’s a nice razor.
  3. TestDepth

    TestDepth Well-Known Member

    Nice work and cool frameback. I find it hard to sand the transition from frame to blade - excellent job. First Watts frameback I have seen.

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