Kamisori blade guard

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  1. TestDepth

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    Had to do something to protect the Ed Brice Kamisori. His site has a picture of a beautiful Macassar Ebony guard, so why not emulate the look.

    I had what I believe to be Cocobolo with a nice pattern, and then turned to camel bone for the spacer.
    The width of the bone gave me a good landing point for the blade. Then I figured a circle rest would work for the rear.
    Dremel cutting wheel and sanding drum provided the shaping of the guard and spacer. I put a rough cut “circle” of bone on my 5/16 drill bit and then spun a sanding drum against it... does a decent job making the circle. :)
    Used my DMT325 to sand the curve and flatten the top. Then placed 800 sandpaper on the DMT to work the face. Took it from 800-1000-1500.
    Next post in a minute to show the result.
  2. TestDepth

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    Pinned it up with stacked NiAg washers and rod. Only went with Renaissance Wax for protection.
    It’s boxy but I am good with that for now.
    Here is a shot of the circle rest in the rear.
    Sits pretty nicely.
    And plenty of room so as not to nick the blade.
    One more of the reverse for fun
    Fun, quick project that had a purpose. :)
    Enjoy your projects.
  3. DaltonGang

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    Well done. :happy088::happy088:
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    Thank you Scott!
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    very cool sir..
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  6. TestDepth

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    :thanks: Gary
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    Nice work !
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    Thank you Mike.
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  9. Keithmax

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    :smiley respect::smiley respect::smiley respect::smiley respect: We are not worthy. Great job!
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    Thank you Keith. I appreciate it.
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