Karve razor by Christopher Bradley: First impressions....

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Str8on2, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Str8on2

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    Well, thanks to the B/S/T (DFS) and a great forum member I was able to pick up a Karve CB razor with the C & D plates paired with a 3” handle. Big thank you to gregcss for getting it to me pronto. [​IMG]

    I ordered one back on June 3rd but, with the delays and knowing that I probably would not see my razor for at least another month, I jumped at the opportunity in acquiring one. The one I ordered will come with the E & F plates with the 3.5” handle. Whenever that is. For now I’m thrilled and excited to have gotten this one and try it out.

    So the kit came in yesterday and I had already shaved the night before with the Brass General that produced an excellent, BBS shave. I didn’t have my usual stubble after 10-12 hours as the shave was that close but, I was on my way to the regular 5 O’Clock shadow right about 7-8pm and decided to give it a go with the Karve. Actually I just had the itch to try it out and couldn’t wait until Sunday mornings shave.

    As everyone else has stated here and elsewhere once or a thousand times before, the build quality, fitment and preciseness is absolutely magnificent. The handle has excellent texture with great feel and it would be hard to believe that someone could say that the razor is difficult to hold when water or lather is running off of it. The knurling is that good. Installing the blade between the blade tabs is secure and precise once it’s locked in and tightened down with the smooth handle action turning onto the top cap screw stud. One of the smoothest actions I’ve felt. Quality workmanship here Gents, plain and simple with high attention to detail.

    So, how was the shave? Very good, thank you. I went with the D plate for the trial run and a used Gillette SP 7 O’Clock (6-7 shaves on it) blade that produced a smooth, comfortable 3 pass shave without a single issue. Like I said before, I had very light stubble from the previous shave but, the Karve went through the stubble with a shave that was effortless and honestly I was done in 2 passes. I just threw in a 3rd pass for a very, very light touch up around Sir Adam’s Apple that the Karve cleaned up nicely. Through out the whole shave I felt that the razor was properly balanced and weighted with excellent maneuverability anywhere on my face and neck and was easy and intuitive in getting the right angle from stroke 1 on. I can’t tell you about the upper lip area or stache as I’ve always maintained a stache for the past 10 years. But I can’t see anyone having an issue with the razor head as it does have a slim profile for getting underneath the nose and cleaning this area up.

    How does it compare shave quality wise? I really hate doing comparisons between razors. I’d rather say similar too because shave feel in terms of mildness, aggressiveness, efficiency and smoothness varies for every single individual. What it feels like to me is a cleaner, smoother feeling Rockwell 6s/6c with a bit more efficiency. I have both of those razors and the Karve shaves similarly close to an R5 plate only somehow smoother, light blade feel yet deceptively efficient. It reminds me also of another brass razor that is smooth, mild and deceptively efficient. Yup, the Brass General that I shaved with a couple of days ago. Also similar in shave feel to the Rex Ambassador when dialed in between 2-3, perhaps closer to 2.

    It’s only one shave with it but, it was a very good shave. I’m going to get a full weeks worth in with each of the plates, C&D respectively. I see good shaves ahead......

  2. Ron R

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    Great review of a great razor. It seems like the Karve razor is very well liked among DE shavers world wide at the moment.
  3. LatherShaves

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    I absolutely love mine!

  4. Str8on2

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    Yes, I agree. I really don't buy much into the hype and when individuals say it's the greatest razor ever made. There's always a bit of embellishments into those reviews and proclamations.
    I always prefer to purchase if I can and make my own conclusions.

    But, I have to say this Karve razor has been a very nice surprise and dare I say "lived up to its hype" somewhat. 2 shaves in and nothing but a very smooth shave with just the right amount of efficiency. That's just been with the D plate, I just might try the C and see how that works out. Truthfully, I'm really looking forward to receiving the E & F plates as the reviews on those have been quite good.
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  5. ugadawg

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    I just received my razor with the D plate last weekend. I only shaved with it twice before trading the D plate for the F plate. I think the D plate did ok efficiency wise, but there isn't any blade feel, so I had trouble with it. I tend to apply too much pressure if I can't feel the blade. I'm hoping the F plate works better for me because I really like the feel of the razor in my hand.
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  6. Str8on2

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    Got on with my 3rd shave with the Karve and 1st with the C plate. The first 2 shaves with the D plate were actually quite good using a Gillette SP 7 O’Clock and a fresh Derby Premium respectively. Both smooth, comfy and relatively efficient enough for me. Both shaves were with barely a full days growth. So, today was with the C and I had a full 24 hours + of facial hair to work with. Why the C? Just had to give a shot and see whether it would cut the mustard.

    Shave was quite good with a smooth feel and very comfortable with barely any blade feel at all but, it did cut the whiskers. Only thing was that it took me a complete full 3 passes plus some touch ups and slight buffing which gave me a very, very tiny bit of irritation along my jawline and neck. But I attained a BBS finish albeit at the cost of slight discomfort, nothing that the splashes couldn’t take care of which they did in 10-15 mins. helping subside the slight irritation.

    The C plate did the job but it took some work to get there and it helped in bringing along the shave irritation bullies to the party uninvited. Mental note that if using the C plate in the future, it’s a good candidate for a Kai blade. Next shave I’m going to go 3-4 days hopefully without a shave and put the D plate to the test. I’ll keep a Kai ready just in case the Derby Premium isn’t up to the task. Will report back by the end of the week....

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