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  1. smoky

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    Hello Guys, and Gals

    I broke down today and went over to the antique shop, where I had seen a cool looking Razor. It is a sort of slant style called a Krectshave. I did some looking when I had first spotted it and found it was made in Portland, OR. I think it said in the 30's. It is a three piece and it clips together, the spring tension of the blade keeps it tight enough to hold it together.

    I couldn't wait to try it out. So tonight was the night. Wow what a great shave! I think I have found a new favorite. The great thing is I was able to talk him out of it for $5.

    Let me know if you have ever seen or used one of these gems.


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  2. robxcarlson

    robxcarlson New Member

    It's hard to tell that the head is slanted in these pics. But the fact that you can pivot the head is pretty neat. I guess you can shave in either position?
  3. techni

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    That is a cool looking razor.
  4. smoky

    smoky New Member

    The pivot is how you take it apart. I did have a few other shots that you could see the slant better but there was allot of glare from the chrome.

    Just took another shot so you could see the slant and hook/pivot.


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  5. rodd

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    Very cool! I have never seen anything like that. Actually I had never seen a slant that wasn't made in Germany. Thanks for sharing!

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