La Toja soap ?

Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by alesmv, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. alesmv

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    It is true that La Toja shaving soap, is now higher than the old formula?
    Someone has tried both products?
  2. Bronco

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    Welcome! I really can't answer your question but I'm sure someone will be along that has. Hang in there!
  3. alabamalawyer

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    The only La Toja soap that I'm aware of is the shave stick. Given your location in Spain you probably have much more familiarity with the soap than those of us in the US. Has the formula changed recently?

    The price here is about the same, from what I remember. A stick runs about $8.50 or so and I don't think that has changed in the last year.
  4. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    no, no, hay un jabon de afeitar de La Toja en un cuenco. Que lastima que ahora no lo tengo, pero es fantastico! :)

    MK-ULTRA New Member

    Could you please repeat that in English. I have a very limited Spanish vocabulary. I understand "no", "jabon", "La toja" "Que" "fantastico".

    Muchos Gracias,
  6. Truckman

    Truckman New Member

    As per Google Translator:

    :happy102 :happy102

    Jeff, what did you really say?
  7. JimR

    JimR Active Member

    Actually, I think that's pretty close...but he said "NO lo tengo", so he doesn't have it anymore.
  8. Truckman

    Truckman New Member

    That's what I thought, but I copied and pasted into the translator and that's what it gave me....:confused:
  9. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    The best way to learn a language is to just try to speak it! :D
  10. Dragon84

    Dragon84 New Member

    Get Rosetta Stone! :D:D:D
  11. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    English is not my 1st language--I speak it, but poorly.
  12. Dragon84

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    Well, from what I've read here so far, you type it just fine. In all seriousness, the Rosetta Stone software is a great way to learn to speak another language, and they have not one but two versions of English: American and British. I'm currently learning German with Rosetta Stone.
  13. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    I speak German very well--it is like a 2nd language for me. I grew up with the language.
  14. OneRand

    OneRand New Member

    My spanish is very rusty, but the fantastico was a big hint
  15. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    el cuenco cuesta 10 euros por 150g y es una pasada de bueno.La fragancia es un poco mas fuerte pero igual de buena que el que viene en barra.
    Las antiguas barritas eran de color amarillo y las nuevas son blanca con un poco mas de perfume.Eso es lo unico mas sintomatico que ha variado.La calidad sigue siendo la misma.Mi jabon favorito(y eso que he probado mas de 40) pero por el precio y la calidad es imposible superarlo.
  16. Truckman

    Truckman New Member

    I just started with Spanish (Latin American) on Rosetta Stone. :happy088

    So, as best I can get from Google Translator, there's an old formula and new formula La Toja shaving soap (not stick)? Do you know any vendors that carry it, to ship to the US?
  17. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    Oh no sorry.I should have wrote that in english.Theres a soap that you can get on a traditional bowl.The main difference with the shaving stick is the scent,its a little bit stronger,but thats all.The bowl cost 10 euros but dunno the shippin to USA.
    The old shaving stick used to be yellow and its fragrance was a little bit different that now.The actual one is white and its fragrance is nicer than the old one but this is what have change.The formula is still the same with 0,25 per cent of salt minerals.
    this is the link to the soap(jabon de afeitar) on a bowl
    I know that Leon at vintage scent carries the shaving sticks but If you wanna get the bowl one I guess that you have to contact La Toja.
    Hope this helps.
  18. Truckman

    Truckman New Member

    Wow. Thanks for that! Good thing I got Google Translator and Rosetta Stone! :D :happy102 :happy102

    I may have to try getting my hand on that soap some day.... :D I am definitely going to order the stick shortly, though :D
  19. Chimensch

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  20. tjgriffin

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    Do you speak Bachi??? :D

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