Last try! Thiers Issard SR $80 shipped

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    This is a Thiers-Issard "Le Chatellerault" Bamboo straight razor with a round-tipped 4/8 blade.

    I had this posted at US $115 shipping included with no bites. That's less than half price! So I am trying one last time for $US $80 SHIPPED.
    If this mint SR doesn't sell for 1/3 new price shipped, I give up.

    I bought this razor in December 2017 and used it once. (The report is in the March 2018 30DC thread.). However I decided the Dark Side is not for me so it is now for sale.

    It's a 4/8" round-tipped razor with bamboo scales. New retail at Fendrihan was US $300. Price is now less than a third that. PayPal or EMT.

    Thiers Issard Le Chatellerault SR.JPG
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