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  1. swarden43

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    Frustrated because you can't match the guy in the "How to lather XYZ Brand" who says he's whipping up a lather in 6.3 seconds, and he's doing that consistently with any and all soap he uses? Then he has the audacity to say that if you can't do it in under 7 seconds, then you better find another job.

    Okay, some things to consider:

    Your soap may not be the same brand - all soaps are different, some like more water, some less

    Your brush may be a different size - that means your you're picking up different amounts of soap with each swirl of the brush, and you're holding on to a different amount of water in the brush

    Your brush may be a different material - badger, boar, horse, synthetic, they all create lather differently. Some really dig into the soap, some hold more/less water

    He says give your brush 3 shakes to remove excess water - how hard he shakes and how hard you shake may be different

    His definition of a damp brush may be different than your definition of a damp brush

    Your water may be harder or softer - yes, it makes a HUGE difference

    He says, "use light pressure on the soap" - how light is light?

    He says, "just a few swirls" - how many is a few?

    Bottom line - if you're having difficulty lathering XYZ brand, or any other soap, watch the videos, but try different things. If it's a soap that has been mentioned here at the Den as a good soap, then others are getting good results, there's no reason you shouldn't, as well*.

    Stick with it! You'll get there!!

    *except for Williams. With Williams, all bets are off!
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  2. John Beeman

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    Water hardness (or softness) does indeed make a huge difference
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  3. richgem

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    Sticky Worthy!

    Also, I would add a reminder about the long-forgotten and seldom mentioned technique of super lathering... a small dollop of any shaving cream on top of a soap puck while lathering will make almost any soap lather tremendously. It might even work for Williams. LOL

    Edit: Kiss My Face unscented is particularly good for this application since it's reasonably priced and unscented.
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  4. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Ahhhh, Williams. I almost forgot.
    With Williams, all bets are off!!:happy097::p
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  5. Angelo85

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    Excellent post. Everything you said is absolutely true.
  6. stingraysrock

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    See, the thing about shaving forums, and perhaps other forums, is that there are so many sources of enablers! I installed a whole house water softener and conditioner just so I could lather Williams easier.

    Well, I am off the Williams, but am reaping the benefits of a water softener in other ways, all thanks to Y'all and this Williams lathers better in soft water.

    I seem to recall that a dash of baking soda in the shave water will accomplish better results with Williams.

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