Layering post-shave treatments?

Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by coche1, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. coche1

    coche1 Actively Wishing Member

    I am putting together an order from TSD, and am wondering about scent conflicts if I start to layer post-shave treatments. Does the scent from witch hazel last? If I plan to apply a scented AS splash or milk after the witch hazel, am I safer to just go with unscented WH?
  2. Williams Warrior

    Williams Warrior Well-Known Member

    The scent from witch hazel is gone before it's completely dry, so have no fear and splash away.
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  3. Sodapopjones

    Sodapopjones Well-Known Member

    Also scents don't linger with the TSD milk either, in my experience.
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  4. swarden43

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    Unscented WH, true. I use Dickenson's. No issues putting an AS such as Brut or Clubman, or a spritz of cologne on top of it.

    However, I've found that I can still detect the faint scent of roses 6-7 hours after applying Thayer's Rose Petal WH with Aloe Vera. If I'm using the Thayer's, I don't follow up with anything else.
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  5. mark_s

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    I first apply a small amount of Proraso Dioibarba Aftershave Lotion (Liquid), followed by a liberal amount of Lilac Vegetal (mixed 1 part water to 2 parts Veg), and top it off with just a few drops of patchouli oil. Smells great to me, with no weird objectionable conflicts. I say layer away!

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