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    I just got in the mail today this Le Coq 3 pc open comb razor. Does anyone have any info, history etc on this model razor as well as the brand? I know this brand of razors was a French brand in the early 20th century but that’s all. Thanks for any and all info. FYI it does take modern blades. 6C7951AD-0CDD-4FE3-BB76-7CAD916283B8.jpeg 321D68A4-F9EC-4DF3-B6FD-5C87ADCC7C9C.jpeg 1E26E156-70B3-4F67-AC8D-1F92D2CA501A.jpeg 87665FC7-01B8-4471-A039-8474C1ECFD4B.jpeg 6EFFF037-C553-46DE-9CB2-707DB561C506.jpeg
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    Le Coq made razors I think from the 1930s through the 50s. They made a few different designs the most iconic of the Le Coq razors are the caged head and Licence Palmer adjustable.
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    Worthpoint states that the open comb model you have is somewhat rare in the case. It has a reputation as an aggressive shaver.
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    Thanks for the info gents.

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