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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by PanChango, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. PanChango

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    I pared mine back a bit since I started playing with straights. I keep them in a wooden box that belonged to my Model 24 S&W. I bought a few in bulk and have a few packs of a decent variety. If I had to guess, it would be about 850 blades there. The only thing I could use is a few packs of feathers as I recently used my last one. Let's see them.

    In no apparent order...

    Voskhod, Shark SC, Israeli Red Pack, Gillette Superthin, Gillette 7 O'clock Super Platinum, Iridium, Astra SP, Silver Star, Vintage Wilks(Light Brigade, Sword Edge, etc.), Vintage Schicks, Schick Injector, Merkur, Derby, Timor, Bolzano, Racer, Nacet, Crystal, Sputnick, Walmart Wilks, and Gillette Spoilers.

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  2. Congratulations! Bella posing for the box-strip ...
  3. rodd

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    Here is most of my stash:

    Several single packs of this and that, but most of them are:
    7 O'clock Sharp Edge, Red Pack Personna, Crystals, Lord Super Chrome, Feathers, Super Iridium, Pella injector and SE blades, and Feather SE blades.
  4. Xezmer

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    I've got more than I remember...

    I think this is little over 1k and under 1.5k. The picture beneath it is the stash of blades I keep in my bathroom. I pull from the big stash as needed... but I haven't needed yet :D

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  5. rockrabbit

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  6. stingraysrock

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    Wow! Lot's O' Blades Ya'll!

    All we have for blades is 2282, not counting 20 blades already in razors available for shaving, or the big batch O' blades dropped in GB 2011.

    On Hand, Sealed:

    1600 Voskhod
    280 Super Max Super Platinum
    96 Gillette Super Thin
    40 Dorco St-301
    180 EMS Injector
    15 Perma-Sharp Super

    Opened, available for shaves:

    19 EMS Injector
    2 GEM Coated SE
    3 Gem Blue Star SE
    6 Gillette Bleue Extra
    3 Voskhod
    3 Dorco ST-301
    1 Sputnik
    1 BIC
    1 Personna Platinum
    1 Bolanzo
    1 Ladas
    1 Lord Platinum
    1 Silver Star
    1 Timor
    1 Super Iridium
    6 Super Max Super Platinum
    1 Super Max Diamond
    1 Super Max Platinum
    11 Feather
    2 Gillette Rubie
    1 Gillette 7 O' Clock
    2 Gillette Super Thin
    1 Rapira Platinum Lux
    1 Perma-Sharp Super

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    RABIDMONKEY Active Member

    Checklist before shave apoc

    1) talk stingray into buying more ladas 1600 or so should do 2) beg stingray into coming off some ladas /voskhods 3) be prepared to bribe /blackmail stingray 4) repeat steps 1 ,2,3 with stringray's SHMBO 5) Buy more blades Now back to blades I have. 98 voskhods. 199 ladas.5 feathers , 3 astra platniums , 5 yellow 7o clock (need to try ) 5 rapira platnium lux and rapira swedish supersteel really need to try as MY favorite 2 blades are also from russia less than 10 other blades from sampler I tried and disliked ...
  8. Shawna

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    Hummppfft! Looks like the Voskhod to Super Max Super Platinum ratio is a little off ... :rolleyes:

    I must acquire more blades :happy093
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  9. global_dev

    global_dev Member

    Great stashes... i am glad i haven't caught that bug.. i think my DE blade stash might top out at 100 or less in no particular brand. Unfortunately my money is spent on all the other gear right now.
  10. Billr

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    This is a great thread. I am working on feeding my blade AD. The only blades I have in Bulk are...

    Astra SP and Israeli Red packs. The rest of my blades are 5 packs or singles that have been sent to me from great folks around TSD!

    The next blade purchase are Voskhod in bulk for sure!

    I enjoy trying new blades even though sometimes when you get a bad one it just kills your shave!
  11. stingraysrock

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    Heh! :D

    I tried the Ladas, they are an okay blade, but Voskhod is better for me. Sputnik is another nice blade coated with Teflon, but not as long lived as Voskhod.
  12. rockrabbit

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    So where does one get these Voskhod's?
  13. Billr

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    Looks like we may have to get them from Jeff :happy102

    Just kidding - It looks like you can get them from russianrazor.com
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  14. stingraysrock

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    Yep, Russianrazor.com and Britva.eu both have them and I have bought from both. All highly recommended sellers IMHO.
  15. ocharlas

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    Wow Jeff you weren't kidding about having more Voskhod then you'll ever need. I'll get ready to put my order in!

    My gigantive blade stash needs some perking up, clearly:

    90 Wilkinson Sword Classic
    40 Personna Red
    5 Derby Extra
    3 CVS Personna
    2 Voskhod

    plus about ten to fifteen other assorteds.


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  16. Queen of Blades

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    :eek: How much did that cost??
  17. Steve_1993

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    Starting to get into DE shaving and I will have to make a stash like some of these soon as after July I'll be living away from home for 3 years for job training (I do get holidays but long enough to get order a set of blades and pick them up before I pack up and go again). As a result I'm willing to buy some razors off people at a reasonable price (you must accept pay pal and be waiting a week to get your money) PM me for more details, 3 mo this an counting, only buying a limited amount and any brand so get in quick if u need to thin out that stash
  18. sas71

    sas71 Member

    my blade stash is so small i cant even justify calling it a "stash" :happy102
  19. lradke

    lradke and doggone it, people like me


    Here is mine:

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  20. fishcrow

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    My Blades

    The great thing about wet shaving is the choices. This my current blades.

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