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Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by PLANofMAN, Jan 3, 2020.

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    A recent post by @Tiredricefarmer made me realize that I haven't posted a 'spend your money on this, not that' thread in a while.

    I've been wanting to do a thread like this for a while, but it either lacked content or I lacked motivation, and I was still testing one product that failed to meet my standards. This thread will be about my accoutrements, belt, cigarette case, lighters, pocket knives, etc.

    As a smoker (filthy habit, mea culpa, moving on), I've always been enamoured by cigarette cases. The nice ones were always too expensive for daily carry, and the cheap ones are mostly... terrible. They harkened from a time when the paper packs that cigarettes came in were considered inappropriate for daily carry. How times have changed, eh? It's no longer a fashion faux pas to carry cigarettes in the packs they come in, and it's the odd duck who still carries a metal cigarette case.

    Over a decade ago, I found a German made case, only lightly used, in a thrift store. Over the ensuing decade I proceeded to turn a nice cigarette case into battered scrap metal that had an unfortunate tendency to spring open on it's abused hinges (mostly from everything not quite lining up anymore).

    Unfortunately, like most 1940/50's cheap German things, this case was no longer being made in Germany. If a person had the cash, you could find the sterling silver version still being sold. (Germans still make excellent cigarette cases, and various types can be found for about $30-50).

    The $10-20 ones found in gas stations across America are usually pretty bad. Aside from their cheap construction, the bawdy selection of pin-up girls, Che Guevara portraits, skulls, marijuana leaves, and emoticons found on their lids are not exactly designed to appeal to the discerning customer.

    Recently, I discovered that China does in fact manufacture some good cases, including my beloved German case. I don't know how often these kind of stamping dies need to be replaced, but aside from the absence of a 'germany' stamp, and the addition of a 'made in china' sticker, the two are identical.

    IMG_1578004542258.JPEG IMG_1578004542451.JPEG
    I'll post pictures of the old one once I find it, if I haven't thrown it away. It can be fiendishly complicated trying to find the good metal cigarette cases in a sea of bad ones, and often you will be working from a single picture.

    The good news is that there are two indicators, and at least one is visible, even in a single photo.

    Cheaply made cases usually have fairly large rivits on either side of the latch, and the good cases use an internal wire retainer. If the latch isn't visible, the hinge usually is, and if you see two springs on the hinge, it's because the springs do double duty. They assist in opening the case and also put tension on the metal wings or flaps that hold the cigarettes in place.

    Aside from the spill factor risk you take every time you pull one of the flaps back to get a smoke, the springs tend to break fairly quickly.

    Cheaper cases are usually quite square and boxy. The better ones are more curved and rounded. True clamshell designs.

    The case above cost me $19.99 shipped and engraved. Ordered on Sunday, delivered on Thursday. It's machine, not laser engraved.
    Not all of their cases are the same level of quality, imo.

    They offer a variety of different fonts for the engraving. I would have preferred a script font, but didn't care for my initials in the fonts they had available, which is why I used the old fallback, Old English. If it was good enough for King James, it's good enough for me.

    I've attached a better picture of the engraving. Took the photo in an magnifying mirror. Please excuse the scratches and fingerprints.

    Edit 2: I'm once again reminded of the perils of reviewing things in haste. I'm going to have to revise my glowing recommendation downwards, not for the quality of the case, but for the quality of the plating. The hard chrome plating is peeling, revealing the copper plating beneath. Eventually, I'll need to send it off to Matt for a full strip down and have it replated in nickel.

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  2. stingraysrock

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    Are you stuffing your own cigarette tubes? I tried it for awhile several years ago and had to twist the ends to keep the flakes at bay.
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  3. John Beeman

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    Very nice. I can imagine the distinguished gentleman (that you are) pulling this case from his jacket pocket, deftly removing a cigarette, and tapping it on the outside of the case.

    I seem to recall an acquaintance years ago who had a slender wooden cigarette case with a sliding top that held maybe half a pack of smokes. Slightly more rugged than the shiny version so probably more for the casual male.
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  4. cliffb599

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    This is an Interesting one. As a smoker myself. Ya ya I know. I just use the cheap plastic cases $3.00 each. I roll or stuff my own have been for years. The slim Zippo my Mother gave to me when I was 15 years old. In my 50s now I still carry it. I collect Zippo’s only Engraved ones.

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  5. Edison Carter

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    I loved smoking even if it was a filthy disgusting habit.

    I loved it so much that I tried to enjoy my last one driving myself to the hospital having a heart attack.

    Haven't smoked another one since but I did save the next one from the pack.

    Turns out that nicotine is a bigger filthy disgusting habit for the gubbament than me. They are still addicted to the revenue and I pay less taxes.
  6. RaZorBurn123

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    That's pretty deep that you tried smoking a cig while driving yourself to the hospital while having a heart attack. Man. The power nicotine has over a smoker is f$©®™¢% absolutely crazy. Congratulations on breaking free! Do you plan on keeping the "next one" forever?
    Again congrats.
  7. Edison Carter

    Edison Carter Goo-bloomin' Stankster

    I knew when I got to the hospital they would not let me out. Figured I'd get one more in, didn't really enjoy it though.

    I vacuum packed it with an aspirin from the bottle I start up on at the time. The aspirin could be what saved my life. I'll keep the package as a reminder, and my trophy for winning The Visual Aid For Stupidity Award'.
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  8. brit

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  9. PLANofMAN

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    Yes. For now. I normally smoke American Spirits.
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  10. PanChango

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    I rolled my own for a long time, mostly Bali Shag or Drum. It got to the point that I could roll a smoke one handed while driving my truck.

    As much as I liked it, this past Halloween marked 10 years since I have had a smoke.
  11. Chuck Naill

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    I gave up chewing tobacco in 1995 after 20 years. I consider myself fortunate to have not suffered any health issues.
  12. Tiredricefarmer

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    I quit 4 yrs ago but vaped for two. The vaping helped a lot because I was able to slowly dial down the amount of nicotine till I got to zero. I still get the occasional craving, especially when I see someone smoking, but it doesn't last long.
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    Another thing I always keep in my pocket is a Victorinox classic pocket knife. I use it daily, and it's probably one of the handiest tools for a welder to carry. I use a die grinder regularly, and the metal shavings created by the burr bit go through leather gloves like they aren't even there. The built in tweezers are very handy for removing those near invisible thorny bits of metal. The scissors are perfect for snipping loose threads on clothing, though useless for just about anything else. I prefer the textured metal nail file over actual full size nail files. The screwdriver on the end of the nail file is the perfect size for 90% of any emergency repairs or adjustments to vaping devices. The knife is sharp and holds an edge far longer than many more expensive knives.

    I don't really use the toothpick.
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  14. cliffb599

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    There handy little Knifes.

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  15. feeltheburn

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    I've had a little Victorinox classic on my keychain for years. I've worn a couple of them out and tried some other small keychain multitools but I always end up getting another classic. I haven't found anything else that's so small, light, and useful.
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  16. Chuck Naill

    Chuck Naill Well-Known Member

    Hey welder man. I use your gloves for handling wood in my soap stone stove.
    Those are nice knives, but too bulky for me to carry in a pocket. I'd have to have a belt clip. Maybe a Leatherman.
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  17. PLANofMAN

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    Too bulky? How tight do you wear your trousers? The swiss army classic is smaller than a Bic mini. It's the Wee Scot of the knife world.
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  18. 9nein9

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    So you're a welder eh? I am also a welder .
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  19. Chuck Naill

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    I had the larger SA modles in mind. Yes, I could carry the tiny one. There is one around here that had a tooth pick on one side and tweezers on the other, but the blade was stainless and hard to sharpen. I carry vintage Boker Barlow inherited and found on eBay.
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  20. cliffb599

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    Thought I’d give this one a try for a Few.
    Opinel #8.

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