Liquidation sale (DEs) *SOLD*

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by CatMan, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. CatMan

    CatMan Member

    Because I decided to use Str8 razors exclusively, I am selling most of my DEs. These were used for about 1 - 2 weeks, except the Delrin and the "814" which I used only once (each).

    Type of razor / New price / Sales price
    Weishi Gunmetal / $30.00 / $22.50 Sold!
    Weishi Chrome / $15.00 / $11.25 Gone!
    Weishi Gold: $35.50 / $27.00 (Please see photo further down this page!)
    Gold Slant: $45.00 / $34.00 (Please see photo further down this page!) Gone!
    Merkur Classic / $26.00 / $19.50 Gone!
    Delrin Treet / $7.50 / $5.60
    Tryphon "816" / $9.50 / $7.00 Gone!

    Everything / $88.00 / $60.00 (including the rack) Didn't happen!

    Please add $2.00 for shipping of single razors!

    Here is a photo of the entire deal (Please scroll down for an additional photo of my top models!):


    Now it's about time to admit that some small mistakes have been made when I built the rack. :ashamed001 At first the holes for the dowels underneath the top board did not line up. I had to re-drill them and then (kind of) corrected the error with wood filler. You don't see it from a normal view, only when you turn the rack upside down.


    Shipping charges are for CONUS only!

    Thanks for looking!
  2. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    Nice deal, Klaus !

    Dibs on 1 of your Weishis if the whole tamale dont sell this week.
    Good luck
  3. desmoface

    desmoface Active Member

    Hey now, I'll take whichever Weishi is left after Rick's Purchase, if they don't sell ;) Good luck.

  4. CatMan

    CatMan Member

    Thanks! I'll get back to you next Monday, if the complete package doesn't sell.
  5. Will

    Will Nevermind

    I'll take the rack!
  6. CatMan

    CatMan Member

    If you want the rack, you'll have to take everything.
    $65 including shipping to CONUS. Do we have a deal? ;)
  7. Will

    Will Nevermind

    You wanna keep your thumbs? :rofl

    No, I think I have too many DE's as it is but the Gunmetal looks tasty.
  8. CatMan

    CatMan Member

    Two more

    Here are two more DE razors for sale. My top models:


    Gold Weishi: New price: $35.50 Sales price: $27.00
    Gold Slant: New price: $45.00 Sales Price: $34.00

    Yes, single items are for sale now! Apparently nobody was interested in jump starting his collection by buying all at once.

    BTW, there are still some blades left, Treets (Black Beauty). Please see my other sales thread:
  9. Bill

    Bill Man of Steel

    I'd like the 816.
  10. CatMan

    CatMan Member

    :rofl PM sent. :rofl
  11. CatMan

    CatMan Member

    The Gold Slant is sold, too. What's left is:
    • Weishi Gold
      [*]Weishi Gunmetal Sold!
      [*]Delrin Treet
  12. Michael

    Michael Duke of Kent

    Wait! Did I just see that the Man of Steel is buying a SAFETY razor?! Is nothing sacred any more? :D
  13. qhsdoitall

    qhsdoitall Wilbur

    He needs something for a head shaver. I'd hate to see him try it with a str8. :D
  14. Michael

    Michael Duke of Kent

    BILL?! No problem! No balls, no blue chips, ya know? :rofl
  15. Damon

    Damon Member

    PM sent for Weishi Gunmetal.
  16. Bill

    Bill Man of Steel

  17. CatMan

    CatMan Member

    I think I'll keep the last two DEs. You never know ...
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