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    About a week ago I received a nice little PIF From a gracious member.
    It was WSP Sandalwood soap and balm.
    Finally had chance to give it a go since I’ve been down for a few weeks. ( rotator cup surgery )
    Now to the soap. Sent’s Nice not to overwhelming. Lathers quickly I find it likes ample amount of water. Slickness is great. Plenty of cushion.
    The Balm smells even better great scent
    Covers well don’t need much. Little bit goes a long way. Feels Awesome post shave.
    Now the second write up is for the One Blade Core. Interesting Razor works well.
    I have shaved twice with it and Both times I got a 3 pass BBS. You don’t really need to think about Angle just go to town. ( Kinda ) I personally prefer Aggressive razors. R41 and so on.
    But this razor with the Feather blades work well for me. ( I know blades more expensive ) I’ll play around with it for a little while but more than likely go back to my R41 !!!

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