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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Allen_B, Jan 30, 2018.

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    Realistically, the Rolls Razor (and the other 'straight razor chunk on a stick' variants) are a bridge. DE's were not so much of a bridge as they were a completely different direction for shaving.

    The Rolls Razor, at the core, is a short section of straight razor that's intended to be used JUST like a straight razor. The improvement is that the honing and stropping mechanisms were built directly into the case so that the 'average Joe' no longer had to be an expert at honing and stropping to properly maintain the blade. They just had to follow directions. DE's, on the other hand, were designed to use a disposable (not intended for re-sharpening) blade (As were SE's). Because of this, Gillette designed to try to maintain the best angle for the _hand_, by altering the geometry of the very thin blade.

    @wchnu would know better, but to me, the angle of an SE is more uncomfortable than the angle of a DE. The difference? An SE blade is stiff, so it has to be held to mimic a straight. The DE is much thinner, so it can be flexed so that the angle is created by the cap, rather than the wrist.

    So, you have:

    Straight razors: Non-disposable, require hones and strops, along with practice to reuse. Good indefinitely if cared for.
    Rolls and other 'straight on a stick:. Non disposable, come with hones or strops, and require following directions to reuse. Good indefinitely if cared for.
    SE: Disposable 'straight on a stick' - good for several shaves with minimal maintenance.
    DE: Departure from the above - Disposable, but blade is flexed for the shaving angle, rather than adjusting the entire hand. Good for several shaves with minimal maintenance
    Cartridge (and 'bag of single use'): Disposable, blade is recessed and angled to give adequate shaves with minimal effort. Often only good for one shave. Impossible to maintain.

    So, I'd suggest that if you want aggressive without going straight into straights, try SE's, then get yourself a couple of Rolls Razor units so you have a good hone and strop, have someone here pre-hone it, and have fun. Then talk to @Bama Samurai about getting a pain stick.
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    Yup. Time for an E-2
  3. Allen_B

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    Using an E2 now... Have to say I like it but still getting to know it with only a couple of shaves to date so the jury's still out...

    Only "complaint" is that it is very light weight- not a problem just is small in the hand and seems to weigh nothing which is not quite what I expected. In truth, I didn't know what to expect so I suppose that's not a fair statement. Just have to keep in mind to maintain very light pressure...

    I have noted I can be a bit more stingy with the lather (or just go thinner) compared to some other razors and still maintain a nice slick surface. Also it seems to lend itself to buffing a bit (which I like) so I oddly seem to shave faster with it compared to most DEs.
  4. Allen_B

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    So took my Futur apart this morning to get an idea of how it would set up...

    Gotta say, I am intrigued and will test it out this week. Only problem, I don't have a proper stand for it and there is no way to set the razor down without marring the blade! It looks to be very interesting and my tongue-in-cheek comment about a "Suicide Futur" looks to be more apropos than I thought!

    On a different front, tested out an adjustable Schick injector this morning. Have to say initial impressions were surprisingly more positive than I expected- Feedback here suggested it would be more mild and less blade feel/shaving feedback than the E2 but I didn't get that. With the adjustable opened all the way, it actually seemed to give better feedback than the E2. :signs002:

    Appreciate all of the input here- love the interaction and sage advice...

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    Agree ... but then the user, in reality, probably likes mild razors. Which the Red Tip, compared to the mentioned aggressive razors, is indeed. In my experience.

    I have both the R41 and the Fatip. They're very different, but I would say the R41 feels more aggressive. The Fatip is better for me as a daily razor.

    There is a reason why I like the expression 'UEKAZ' (Uw Ervaring Kan Anders Zijn) which roughly translates to 'YMMV' (but captures the different experience better) ;)
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    Have you decided on a razor?
  7. Bama Samurai

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    Dark side....... ;)
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  8. Bama Samurai

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    I've used a DEvette and written it up on this forum. It works. It's fine for people with SR skills, but it's far more tedious than either SR or shavette, and not a true viable daily option, IMHO.

    There are no better SEs than the old Schicks. Adjustable or not. G is my fave, followed by E. They're all pretty good.
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    When I think of my more "aggressive" (I prefer the term "blade-forward") SE razors, the Asylum RX, ATT SE2 and Rocnel SE-G come to mind. My E2s (with the swiveling spring) are also very efficient, but a tad less blade-forward on my face. My B, other Es, Gs, Is, Js, Ls, M and O clone aren't as efficient as the E2, even if equipped with a twin blade (in the case of the I, J, L, M and O clone). The Asylum is sublime, if pricey.
  10. Allen_B

    Allen_B Member

    Like the Schick adjustable that, contrary to many opinions here provides more feedback compared to the E2. I will concede now that my concept of "aggression" may be mis-communicated.

    Leaning hard toward an R41 and the Supply v2 as different approaches to the same problem. I will try the open "Suicide Future" modification as soon as I can figure out a holder/stand solution since the blade is completely exposed with the Futur modified to remove the baseplate...

    Still have my straights (for those suggesting dark-side) but that's not the solution to the question at hand...

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    We need an amen button.
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  12. Allen_B

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    Resurrecting an older thread...

    Have to say that the "Suicide Futur" worked better than I expected but even with my bride making a holder (she's quite the carpenter) it doesn't seem practical daily. If nothing else, it is definitely aggressive and gives IMMEDIATE feedback!

    Thanks to the suggestions here and the use of a couple of loaner injectors, pulled the trigger on a new Supply SE with the various base plates. I discovered I like the SE injectors as a different approach and hoping the Supply DE will fill a bit of a gap in the shave den. Won't replace the current DEs or straights but likely complement them.

    Gotta say, it is pretty amazing that we have so many choices today from new, vintage and rethought options. Even encouraged to see a new Kickstart for the O.R.E.N. Razor- no affiliation but proof that there's interest in the community. Hell, I may just jump in on that one too even if it uses yet another blade style I'd need to keep on hand!


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