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    I've been shaving with the JAWS for the past 2 weeks with a feather blade and here is further analysis of the JAWS.

    After shaving with a safety razor for about a year now.....I noticed that the BLADE you put in the razor is KEY.

    I put a LORD blade in today (currently my favorite) and had ZERO nics or razor burn NOTHING. Absolutely perfect. I did have 4 days of growth which is unusual and played a big role in todays shave....(i think having long facial hair makes for a very close shave because the hair is longer and easier to cut versus stubble).

    Needles to say....Im going to order 100 lord blades cause there just so smooth on my skin literately no issues with them whatsoever.

    Now on to the JAWS. Im very happy with the purchase. The JAWS is very aggressive sometimes in a BAD way if you use sharp blade such as a feather. (what I shaved with for about week or so and had alot of irritation / small nics on my neck area. Now shaving with the LORD and not looking back.

    Reason For Purchase: Needed long handle, more aggressive shaver.

    cons: too aggressive at times.

    I have a few gifts coming for Christmas....look out for the reviews on the Razor itself review and possibly be selling some items and maybe some Freebies!

    Comments / Thoughts ???!
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    Good news!
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    Article Team
    Good on yer!

    I have the RR Little Bastone. Same head as Jaws. I also thought the Lord blade worked well in it. I haven' t yet decided to put it through a several blade trial. It would take a month or so for a thorough blade comparison battery. Currently, I am rotating razors and blades on whim. However, I think I'll use the Little Bastone tomorrow... maybe load a Bolzano...

    Thanks for the inspiration!
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    You are finding out what I have been telling people for years. Razors and Blades are a system and they need to be matched together properly to maximize the shaving experience for the user. It is good to see you have found your combination.
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