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    Just got this in the mail today. This is my second lowborn supply brush. The walnut one I got a while ago. The lime green one today. I've been searching and it looks like they just stopped making brushes. It really sucks because their brushes are gorgeous. On the lime green one I have no idea what synth knot it has, but I did notice it sits lower than I'm normally used to seeing. I cant wait to try it. I may find I like the knots lower than standard. The walnut one has a TGN silvertip and I love it.

    So I didn't get RAD too bad, but lord help me with brush acquisition disorder and straight acquisition disorder. I have a sickness when it comes to brushes, straights, and strops.

    20191212_182139_compress78.jpg 20191212_182129_compress88.jpg 20191212_182133_compress47.jpg 20191212_182135_compress2.jpg 20191212_182126_compress36.jpg 20191212_182127_compress8.jpg 20191212_182121_compress51.jpg 20200115_174114_compress27.jpg 20200115_174108_compress32.jpg 20200115_174103_compress75.jpg 20200115_174125_compress1.jpg
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    Love the Green.

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