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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by Htownmmm, Mar 8, 2007.

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    While shaving this evening, I realized the benefits of our 'small' community.

    Just recently I asked Mama Sue about a scent(kiwi and melon) that crossed my nose. She did not have anything like that but offered to make me some! Now, think how many times something like that has happened shopping elsewhere- if you cannot recall anything, do not feel bad; the 'corporatization' of America has destroyed the old way of doing business.

    Thankfully, we have vendors on this site(our sues, charles,lee and others that space will not allow me to mention) who really take the time and effort to supply us with our wants, errr, needs. They care about us as people first, then customers. This is probably the reason a big company like Gillette will not reissue its razors-they would be satisfying customers they no longer care about!

    The time from asking about the scent to me shaving was minimal-I asked last week and shaved with my new cream tonight. the scent of kiwi -melon filled the bathroom as I shaved grinning from ear to ear. although i don't need to say this, you have a customer for life!

    Again, I want to commend Mama Sue for her work,time, and effort she expends in our behalf.

    THANK YOU!!!!! :happy096 :happy036

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    I can only second what you've written. The two Sues, Charles, Rene, Lee and many more are lovely gents. I haven't dealt with all of them up till now, but I know they're great ladies and guys to deal with.

    Just another episode: On my first order with Mama Bear I ordered myself the Sandalwood winter A/S. Well, it didn't really smell like Sandalwood but that was alright for me. I mentioned this in a thread over at B&B when someone was asking about her ASB. Anyway, not an hour later I got a pm from Sue telling me I had gotten a mislabeled one and she offered to send me the real thing free of charge. That's simply great service, most vendors would have just shut up about it, but not Sue.
    Thanks Sue for all your efforts, your time and your patience, I too will be a customer for life.

    Now, let's lift our glasses to Sue, the Great :eatdrink047

    ::git :agelic13 :chores026 :happy096 :happy005
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    Here Here!:::bounce:signs107:happy096
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    Any vendor who gives me a free tub of excellent shaving cream for a limerick is all right in my books! Here's to you, Sue! ::

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