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  1. with so many shaving forums around, which one is the best you guys? how can i know which one is the best online? can someone please give me their thoughts? rsvp
  2. stuartganis

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    I follow a few of them, each one is unique in its own way. Like them all.

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  3. but which one has the most knowledgeable shaving experts????? shave soap experts for example?
  4. Lipripper60

    Lipripper60 Member

    i don't understand your question OP. Well, I guess you phrased your question perfectly but I don't understand you're asking it. There are seasoned vets on all the forums, this one included. Why don't you join and spend some time in the "soaps" forums and decide,for,yourself? You'll find a few gents whose noses match yours and whom you can trust and you'll be off,like a rocket.
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  5. Primotenore

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    They all do. Join and ask questions.
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  6. octoserge

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    Part of the fun in this journey is exploring, and finding those opinions you tend to agree with as you yourself evolve in this great hobby.
  7. PLANofMAN

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    The best for what? Passarounds? The UK forums. Like shopping at Bullgoose? The Shave Nook.

    The best online? Well, I've never been able to read them when I'm offline.

    I like most of the shaving forums. This particular one fits best for me. In some ways I like Badger & Blade better, but there are so many posts, that anything that does get posted usually is off the front page before it gets read. Same issue with the reddit shaving forum.
  8. Tallships

    Tallships Well-Known Member

    The Shave Den is a good place to learn, plenty of seasoned shavers here that are happy to help you.
  9. Edison Carter

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    I find the best forum, the best online, the most knowledgeable shaving expert, most knowledgeable soap expert, etc...... Is YOU ....... and ....... Your Own

    Nobody really cares about my expert opinions. I'm just gonna go ahead and use what I want. I'll gladly share those things I do and what I like, but I have absolutely no intention to accept responsibility for how another person shaves or the gear they use.

    I've gleaned information from many sources......

    I do like the people here at TSD.......

    What do you think?
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  10. Chuck Naill

    Chuck Naill Well-Known Member

    Many experts on Gillette vintage sets on B&B.
    For Schick and GEM, the members here are the same as B&B
    For straight razors, many experienced honers and users on this forum.

    B&B is a commercial site with a history of banning members, but one of the most important information source on the internet.

    Shave Den is different and allows some banter back and forth. If you like to discuss and sometimes disagree, you cannot beat this one. I don't miss B&B one bit.

    I have found that while forums are a lot of fun, the information you need and can use comes through blogs, videos, and non forum media like this one. NEW/The NEW.htm
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