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    Peeling off a fraction of my supply, here's your chance to stock up on the cheap. Discounts will be taken only on multiple orders. Low-ball on single items will be rejected.

    Em's Place:

    Slightly Used (less than 5x)
    4oz Exotic Butter Cream SOLD
    2oz Antioxidant Cream $7 shipped KEEPING THIS

    Coral Skin Food: SOLD

    2-tone Gillette Tech: SOLD

    Royall Lyme: SOLD

    Speick Splash: SOLD

    Taylor's Shave Shop Aftershave AND Colgne Combo: Separate Thread

    $40 shipped ($60 value)

    King of Shaves Shave oil: SOLD

    AOS PreShave Oil: SOLD

    Musgo Real PreShave Oil: SOLD

    Nivea ASB combo: SOLD

    QED Sandalwood EO SS: SOLD

    Enjoy :happy088
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    TraderJoe Pink Floid

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