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    Master soap creations vintage spice review- The vintage spice soap by master soap creations is the best homage to the original old spice scent I've used.

    To my nose at least the scent matches that of old spice perfectly, and is perhaps the best homage soap on the market today.

    This soap is no slouch in the performance department either, it produces a rich, slick lather, and has become my new benchmark for how a good soap should perform. It has all the performance which I have come to expect from a good tallow base, and it's easily in my top three soaps performance wise and scent wise its my absolute favourite.

    Old spice and Brut by Fabergé will always be my favourite old school scents, so its absolutely fantastic to see soaps of this calibre emerging into the market, especially a locally made South African soap.

    These soaps can be found internationally too at the following suppliers.

    Westcoast shaving
    The Razor Company
    Pasteur Pharmacy

    Top Of The Chain

    Shaving Time

    Yaqi (under the Yaqi name)

    South Africa
    River Valley traders

    The Classic blade Company

    The Gentry

    Takealot IMG_20220410_121334.jpg IMG_20220410_121349.jpg

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    I couldn’t agree with you on that more my boy. It’s such a wonderful soap and the matching aftershave is also terrific!

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