May 2019 30 Day Rule/Focus Pix & Discussion

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What kind of MAYhem do you plan this year?

  1. I'm new and just want to watch the rest of the idiots be idiots!

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  2. I'm a regular but I just want to watch the rest of the idiots be idiots!

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  3. I'm an idiot! I'm going to do stuff that will win a Shavey Award!

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  4. I'm only a sometimes idiot - so might be daring, might not.

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  5. I'm going to get me some cookies, donuts, and ice cream to make it even more fun to watch idiots!

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  6. I'm just gonna shave. And learn how to do it better. And enjoy it more. <Mic Drop>

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  1. NCoxSTL


    Welcome to MAYhem 2019!!! For the newer members who wonder what the hype is all about a brief history might be in order. Four years ago I decided to try all of the worst blades I could find in a month and with the worst gear. I chose May. I called my focus “Mayhem or Mercy” after modifying it to allow for decent gear the second half of the month. Still horrible blades, but instead of using the worst razors and software all month I split it in half. From there things have evolved until MAYhem is a month we seem to rush headlong into with a desire to try the dumbest, most unique, and just plain weird stuff as part of our shaves. We've shaved with a blade on a bolt, a blade taped to a finger, some of the worst possible kamisori style carbon pieces of......bad steel, modified door locks and the list continues. Whaaaaattttt? That seriously happened?

    With this crew anything is possible, the sky is the limit and the shenanigans flow naturally from the bizarre way our minds work. And yes, all of those things happened.

    Now, the following is an official statement I feel must be made. First of all, if you are not one who wants to try out the strange, weird and just plain stupid, that’s perfectly fine! Decide what your Rule or Focus is and let’s have a great month doing what we do! If you want to join in the MAYhem either as a group project or something unique yourself, feel free to do so! But remember……….

    Any use of objects not designed for shaving, or the use of shaving products in ways for which they are not designed, or any such use or misuse is NOT RECOMMENDED by The Shave Den and all such shaves and actions are AT YOUR OWN RISK! Officially, it should be stated that such acts are unwise and potentially dangerous.

    Please note that MAYhem may just be a month dedicated to a total lack of focus, trying new stuff or new combinations. It's really just a month to go as crazy as you define or desire.

    Now that that’s out of the way – LET MAYHEM COMMENCE!

    Welcome back or welcome for the first time!! Wondering what the heck a 30 Day Rule or Focus is? Well, let’s let the one, the only, the legendary and mystical @Bama Samurai remind us. Please rise and remove your hats and hold your favorite razor aloft in tribute. We’ll pause for a moment of revered silence.

    HEY! I said pause for revered silence! Ok, now you can proceed.

    The 30 Day Rule (designed to build solid technique or learn new technique)

    1 brush, 1 soap, 1 brand of blades, 1 razor, 30 Days. The rule is really that simple. It seems boring, but this is probably the most straightforward way to learn for a brand new shaver. This is the exercise that really allowed me to clearly see the interplay between the four elements. It is highly recommended for newly converted shavers and more experienced shavers who have a problem that defies resolution. This exercise eliminates variables and will likely solve any problem you may have, with a strict scientific approach.Any thing that strays from these simple guidelines is not a rule, but rather a focus (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

    The 30 Day Focus (more flexible, for exploring and comparing)

    This is a less rigorous exercise, designed for exploration and comparison of gear and technique. This is the most common exercise on the thread. Generally the elements are rotated one by one to allow clear observation. Examples of focus areas include brush types, blades, soaps, razor variants, or technique foci as a standalone.

    These are the suggested guidelines, and serve as a starting point for the discussion each month. Again, if you want to follow the theme in some way feel free. But if you are on a Rule or Focus that doesn’t include the theme we’re totally fine with that. Most of all remember – this is about learning to use the tools and improving our skills so that TECHNIQUE TRUMPS TOOLS!!

    Here are the rules. Those not following the rules will be subject to penalties to include a visit from Ivan or Igor to correct that stinkin’ thinkin’!

    1. New Members always welcome. Start anytime.
    2. Experienced Members also always welcome. Notice I stopped calling us “old”?
    3. Respect everyone
    4. Follow the rules of the forum
    5. All razor types and styles welcome
    6. Any criticism of Russian steel of any kind will be met with swift and ferocious retribution. Ok, so maybe not so swift. The guys have to sober up first. And ferocious? Well, at least slightly uncomfortable to listen to.
    7. Any criticism of Feather blades is also subject to the same kind of almost uncomfortable retribution. The Yakuza has started mixing their sake with the vodka from the Cartel boys. Let’s just say it seems to have calmed them down.

    Let's have some great shaves people! Let the MAYhem begin!! Group hug people!

    30 day crew portrait.jpg
  2. brit

    brit in a box

    hello fello shavers, an awesome april we had, and so may will be the same for me, MAYnly open combs again for me, just can't put them down.MAY try an adjustable on max, MAYbe use the single rings and old types..have a sheraton on the way so an oc tto first go..usual array of soaps croaps and creams, bowls ,brushes, and blades..but the the usual great times i have with you fine fellas..shenanigans of course..and thanks again for having me here.. see you all soon..:D
  3. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    I have given up my focus on finishing soaps, this last soap has taken so long it has broken me. I have several foci for this month:

    I am going to try some new soaps: Oleo, Noble Otter and...TBD

    Inspired by the EDRIO I will commence EDBIO and use all my brushes.

    I will be using my straights in paired themes: Use my Dovos or Koraat or Mastro Live or German full hollows or big smiling blades etc..

    Most importantly I will be watching the saving stunts, I am happy to hold anyone's beer too.
  4. Killerflyingbugs

    Killerflyingbugs Well-Known Member

    I think I will play with my few SE razors this month, probably 2 razors a shave. How ever it works out this month should be fun! Cannot wait to see what happens!
  5. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    I just want to throw this out there.
    If anyone doesn't think that wielding an open, razor-sharp blade on their neck, especially in the vicinity of the jugular vein, isn't the very definition of "mayhem", I will eat my hat.

    In other words...I am MOS DEF in for MAYHEM!
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
  6. PLAla

    PLAla Bit Shy of a Full Puck

    I will be in for May, of course! May not be able to post as frequently with our change of location happening but I'll be here when I can. Looking forward to it.

    No real focus this month. Just shave and enjoy.
  7. jluc

    jluc smelling pretty

    I'm in for May! I'll be giving my OC razors some attention along with the new to me Fat Friday shaves. Other than that I'll be on the sidelines cheering on the Mayhem!

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  8. Rob206

    Rob206 Well-Known Member

  9. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    In for May-the thing (month)commences with two events on the same day: My birthday, and Nomination Day #2 of the 2020 Stoylin Tony Awards. Course I look forward to MAYHEM itself. But mainly 31 days of focusing on achieving great shaves. More use(and thus more quantity reduction)of cold-weather soaps until the time comes for warm weather soaps all the way, trying to avoid cuts around the same area of my face(low left side of chin). I don't know that I am that "creative" for a MAYhem win, but as the French say "Nous voyons que nous voyons(we shall see what we shall see). " Happy May and Happy Shaves to all!! :).
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
  10. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus Staff Member

    It's called "Cinco de Julio"

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  11. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    What is it, a Stetson? Filson?(based in 85-year-old gym friend walks in to the gym on winter days bearing his Filsons-one or the other...I'd love to be that classy at 85).
  12. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    I am in for May as well. Hopefully I will finish off some more soaps or creams soon.
  13. jtspartan

    jtspartan appropriately stimulated, via Netflix

    I'm in for May, of course. MAYhem for me is using the CJB Pain Stick for some shaves. I'll also keep going on working through products that have worked their way to the back of the Den, for whatever reason.
  14. Norcalnewb

    Norcalnewb Magnanimous Moos

    I'll be back for may, but I am probably going to continue Anything Goes April. I may slip in a MAYhem shave or two, but I am not quite as adventurous as I was in my early shave days.
  15. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    Finding myself in a position of responsibility, I'm not going to initiate any MAYhem. Should enough peer pressure happen I might join in. Otherwise I'm going to dig through my back stock of seldom used gear in preparation for my turn at The Traveling Box Tour of 2019; Round One. It's only reaching half way on the first go and already there's discussion of a redeaux.
    Shenanigans? :)
  16. brit

    brit in a box

    very cool, i may use this and may use that , anything goes..
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  17. BaylorGator

    BaylorGator MISTER Fancypants

    Wow. You guys got a jump on me. As for me, I'll be focusing on getting a better shave on my neck with the straights. Perhaps I'll perform a stunt shave or two; perhaps not. Kinda depends on the amount of name calling and double dog daring that gets thrown around.

    Regardless, the Shavey Awards will be part of the MAYhem festivities once again. I've got the Shavey Thread up and running in the test area, and one of our awesome Mods will be moving it to the Shave School Forum file shortly, so we'll be cooking with gas before you know it. You can access it now in the test section, but I'll post a live link once it reaches its new home.
  18. BaylorGator

    BaylorGator MISTER Fancypants

  19. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus Staff Member

    Random blade sampler for me, chosen at random by the crew. Maybe Shenanigans too.....

    @RyX Perhaps Señor Rick will open the bidding when I post a pic?
  20. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus Staff Member

    @brit - Gary, would you select next?
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