Merchants with an "attitude" rather than "gratitude"...

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    I find it a buggy, poorly implemented shopping cart.

    Now THAT is an abhorrent business practice, as well as a completely crap attitude. IMHO, that merchant is a jackass. It is the merchant's job to ensure that his or her website is set up correctly, and that the shopping cart is working correctly. If the shopping cart is so flaky, how do you know your payment information is secure?

    Shopify might not be able to do that. Regardless, the merchant is responsible for fixing the problem now that it has been identified. Having a purchasing system that is unfair is bound to tick off customers. I doubt you are the only one who has had this problem.

    Your rant might be over, but I'll bet that merchant's problems are just beginning. There are so many vendors in wetshaving with stellar customer service that poor service will not be tolerated. What you described is appalling. Sorry to hear you had to go through that nonsense.
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    Just read this post. Good responses, thanks. I guess I am over it...and yet, I just saw a gorgeous Varlet brush. (Aldo uses Shopify, too) :angry019:
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