Merkur futur v Edwin Jagger DE89L

Discussion in 'Shave School' started by Grazer1, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Grazer1

    Grazer1 New Member

    As a new DE shaver i've followed advice re trying out different razor and blade combos, though extremely limited so far.
    I began 3 weeks ago with a merkur futur and tried crystals and feathers.
    The feathers were fairly unforgiving causing some small cuts, bloodspots and weepers, however it was an extremely good shave.
    The Crystals were more forgiving, but required an extra pass compared to the feathers, they weren't up to my expectations and opened some fresh nicks, not they're fault , of course.
    Today i received an EJ DE89L, which I had ordered, well respected and reviewed on here and half the price. My expectations were high, it seemed a lighter and well balanced razor compared to the futur, and it was because of this that I assumed it would suit me more.
    First shave was tonight using a crystal blade and in my opinion I prefer the merkur however I will persist with the EJ and different blade combos, haven't dismissed it yet. It may come good, I hope.
  2. stingraysrock

    stingraysrock PIF'd away his custom title

    I have never used a Futur, but have used the 89L and Progress slammed to 5+ with a Feather and have had nothing but fantastic results.

    If you are bleeding from the Feather, or any blade for that matter, I am convinced that you are either using too much pressure, or a bad angle with your razor.
  3. Xezmer

    Xezmer Active Member

    I hated the Futur. Still do.

    I hated the DE89. Love it now.

    At that rate, I loved both the HD and the red tip from the start and still do.
  4. DLreno

    DLreno Well-Known Member

    Can't speak for the Futur. However, I can say that my Feather/EJ DL86 combo is among my best. I find the EJ thrives with the sharpest blades because it is a mild shaver. With forgiving (milder) blades like the crystal mated with the EJ, it takes extra passes as you said, and performance is not the same. I prefer crystals in more aggressive razors such as my New, Red Tip, and Fatboy (cranked to 8 or 9). For the EJ I prefer blades on the sharper side of the spectrum such as feathers, 7-oclock yellows or blacks, Iridiums, Lord Platinum, Astra, among others.

    I concur with the prior post, that if you are getting weepers that is more correlated with technique (including prep), rather than the blades (unless they are very worn).
  5. global_dev

    global_dev Member

    I thought the ej89 was super smooth with a feather blade but i liked a bit more blade gap.
  6. greyhawk

    greyhawk New Member

    +1 about everything here. It may be prep, worn blades, or angle.
    I have a Futur in my rotation as well as a Chatsworth (same Mühle head as the EJ89, I believe) and find the Mühle head to be milder, although I can get a close shave with a Feather or Merkur blade.
    People either seem to love or hate the Futur. It's not very nimble, but I can get a great shave with it. Since it's adjustable, you can really dial it in. Some people use different settings on different passes and swear by it.
  7. Williams Warrior

    Williams Warrior Well-Known Member

    Slap a voskhod in your EJ and it will sing. Never used a futur, the EJ will do bbs with the right blade.
  8. Grazer1

    Grazer1 New Member

    Just used a Derby Extra in the EJ and it's a bbs, best I've ever had !
    Trial and error obviously though as a newbie I think my technique & prep are improving also.
    I'll try to get my hands on some vokshods, if they're recommended I'll give them a bash.

  9. theshaver

    theshaver Member

    Having never used the future I cant comment too much on it. But as for adjustables vs fixed I can. I have the EJ 89l, and love it. I will say I was like you at first, didnt see what all the hype was about. After shaving with it now for a month or so I can say it is by far my favorite razor in the den. As for adjustables, I picked up a Gillette the other day and can only say it is ok. I prefer my EJ still. I havent used the feather blades, but just picked some up. I would recommend Derby blades if you want to give another company a try, they have been good to me so far. Good luck.

  10. mycarver

    mycarver New Member

    My opinion is basically useless since I don't have a Merkur. But I do love my EJ ivory handle. It was the first razor I bought for wet shaving. It went downhill from there pretty quickly. I am speaking of my RAD, BAD, soap/creamAD , After Shave AD,,,you name it.
    I blame it all on the EJ. It's that good and got me hooked.
  11. brucered

    brucered New Member

    same EJ i have. love it. looks great, shaves great (with a feather) and my RAD continues as well.
  12. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    I don't have, nor have ever used, the EJ, but I do get some of my best shaves from my Futur, regardless of the blade used (one or two exceptions).
  13. d10winkel

    d10winkel New Member

    I've been wetshaving for about five years now, mostly with a Futur and variety of other Merkur standard razors in the rotation, with Derby Extra blades for the last year. I know the Futur is not often the popular choice, but now that it is well dialed-in, it is my go-to choice. I've used Merkur, Feather, and Derby blades. Derbys are the most forgiving and I tend to be a little rushed in the morning, but Feathers with a light touch and proper angle leave my face feeling like the day it first saw daylight. Merkur blades don't work well for me even in their own razors.
  14. cswann1

    cswann1 Member

    A Derby was one of the first blades I tried my in my EJ D89l. I didn't care for it at all, but maybe I need to revisit that one.

    I'd like to hear how the Feather treats you in your EJ.
  15. brucered

    brucered New Member

    i used Derby's and astras in a Merkur for a while, got ok shaves. once i got the EJ i used the same, but it wasn't as good as it was cracked up to be, so i tried a Feather for the 1st time. LOVED IT. i've given up on trying other blades in it, it's that good.
  16. brucered

    brucered New Member

    well, i did give up on the other blades yet. i was getting great shaves, a little redness (my face is quite sensitive), so thru in an ASTRA PLATINUM and got a great shave from that as well. 2 days with the astra, then i tried a SHARK (from a sampler) and it was ok, but not like the feather or astras.

    i think i'm actually going back to the ASTRAS. they give me a nice close shave with the same number of passes as the feathers, but i don't get any nicks. the feathers are great, don't get me wrong, but they might be too sharp this early on in my DE life. ;)

    so, 100 astras have been ordered. :happy088
  17. Jason1977

    Jason1977 Active Member

    I don't own a merkur futur, but I do have a 34C. I love it!!! I also have the EJ89L, and I love that as well. I DO know for certain that CVS blades are TERRIBLE & will give you 1 descent shave...BUT with a cost of redness. the blades drag. Don't get em...LOL

    I love my EJ. I am about done w. the first pack of 5 blades in my sample pack. Sharks. THey do a good job, but last 3 shaves. I'm thinking of trying the 7am blades next. Sample Packs are REALLY a blessing!!!

    Love my EJ, love my 34C!!! IF I were to get another razor, it would probably be an 11C.
  18. mike72

    mike72 Member

    I've never tried the ej but I do have a futur and I do have to say I love it.
  19. Jason1977

    Jason1977 Active Member

    LOL, don't get the'll love it.....and it'll be one more razor for your rotation, making it more difficult to pack for a trip, LOL!!!!!
  20. hdflame

    hdflame Active Member

    I just bought my first DE, and it is the EJ. It came with some Derby blades, so that's what I first put in. I never got any shaving bumps or rash with the Mach 3 Turbo I've been using. Everywhere seemed pretty good till I got to my neck. Then I got several nicks and weepers.

    I have a 100 pack of Sharks that I got because of high ratings. I'm going to try one of those next. I'm thinking my problem might be a HEAVY hand, possibly the angle too. I'm hoping the Sharks will work better.

    After reading about the Feathers, I'm going to order a pack to try.

    Any other suggestions. BTW, I'm a noob too, and have only used the EJ 2 times now, both with the same results.

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