Merkur Futur vs. Merkur Slant 39c vs. Mühle R41

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Grick, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. Grick

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    Arguably among the most aggressive razors, though efficient sounds more accurate.
    Having used all three, here's my humble opinion:

    The Futur is the most efficient of the three. At stage 3 you get the closest shave imaginable, with almost any blade. You can hear and feel each whisker cut off. I occassionally get a few nicks but nothing serious. Thanks to its heavy weight, the razor does all the work without skipping.

    The Merkur Slant is almost as heavy as the Futur - 110 vs 120 g. Having heard how aggressive it supposedly is, I was surprised how mild it is. Thanks to the slant bar it still cuts through the whiskers with ease. Still, it requires a bit more work to get the same results as with the Futur. But it's more mild than the Futur and I don't nick myself as easily. I dare say it's a good beginner's razor and I don't get all the talk about its aggressiveness.

    The R 41 is definitely more aggro than the Slant but not quite up there with the Futur and weighs only about 90 g. Only loaded with a Feather blade can I get the same results as with the Futur. And even then, I have to work harder to get all the whiskers and pay more attention to skipping. If I use anything less sharp than a Feather, I just can't clean up my trouble spots.

    All in all, I can recommend all three razors. My favorite: the Futur as it yields the closest shave with any blade. If you're a novice, get the Slant. Yes, I said it. Get the "Sledgehammer."
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    I agree with you. The Futur is one of my favorite DE's. I sold my 39c off a long time ago. I just didn't feel it sliced the whiskers any easier than a normal DE and I got better shaves from lots of other razors. The R41 works pretty well for me at a steep angle but sometimes gives me a little irritation that I never have to worry about with the Futur.
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  3. Grick

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    Thanks for the input.
    Considering the small blade gap, the Slant cuts better than how it would cut with a straight bar and the same small blade gap imho.

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