Merkur Mustash and Eyebrow Razor

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by ChemErik, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. ChemErik

    ChemErik Mr. Personality

    The wife bought me one of the cute little Merkur things for Christmas. I've been using it to clean up above the ears and to get those 5-6 hairs right under the nose that always seem to leave a tiny bit of stubble on days I want a really perfect shave. I also find it work to tame those wild eyebrow hairs I'm starting to get, but I need to be really careful not to shave off too much.

    Does anyone else use one of these? Have you found any other uses for it?
  2. MTgrayling

    MTgrayling Rocket Man

    Can it shave your face? I ask because before I grew my goatee back I had a stashe and a soul patch and always had a hard time navigating the narrows between. I almost bought one at the time.
  3. ChemErik

    ChemErik Mr. Personality

    Yes, it has two sides. The wider side has a HUGE blade gap that works well on the eyebrows and over the ears. The narrow side is basically a 1/8" wide razor that appears designed for detail work.
  4. cooncatbob

    cooncatbob Member

    I bought one years ago and a pack of blades, none of the blades were sharp enough to shave with.
  5. burningdarkness

    burningdarkness Woot Off

    I love the idea of it and think they'd be very useful, but cooncatbob has pointed out the one reason I haven't purchased one yet - the only blades you can get for it are made by Merkur.
  6. Quest

    Quest New Member

    Is there a different source for it or is Merkur the only source?

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