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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Williams Warrior, May 11, 2010.

  1. Williams Warrior

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    If this topic has been discussed in depth would somebody post a link directing me to it please? I've read in the review section that merkur has been having issues with qc. What are we talking about here cosmetic blemishes under the head where it can't be seen unless dismantled, or pieces not going together and blade not centering properly. I'd hate to drop 50 on a 38c and it turns out to be nothing more useful than a paper weight
  2. Dridecker

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  3. Williams Warrior

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    Thanks Dridecker that is just what I'm looking for.
  4. swarden43

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    Just my $0.02...
    I have four Merkurs - two 34Cs, an 11C, and a Futur. All great razors with no issues at all.
  5. Hanzo

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    Same here , I have 7 Merkurs bought over the space of 3 years and no issues, I like my Merkurs and would not hesitate to buy another. Good value for money, indestructible, and made to look traditional, can't beat that. Guys who are passionate about and too focussed on razors WILL find some small thing to complain about. We do it with brushes, creams, soaps etc. Don't let that trouble your purchase.
  6. New Member

    Considering the volumes Merkur have to produce I think their quality control is excellent.
    Honda GB500
  7. Williams Warrior

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    I was on qed's website and they have an email that merkur sent explaining the longer wait times restocking the most popular models. Turns out the recession has caused the German gov. to make businesses close shop 1 day extra per week to keep from having layoffs. Since they have multiple vendors for each stage of manufacturing process and less hrs. to make quotas I'm gonna guess that some areas are being rushed during the build. Stock holders still demand certain numbers with less time involved I reckon. I'm just reading between the lines and guessing because the 23c I've had for about 7 yrs is about as solid as a rock. Interesting read though.
  8. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    I bought Merkurs for my son, a 34c and a 38c. Of course I had to try them first myself for a few shaves. They seemed like excellent shavers to me.

    About two weeks ago I bought a Progress and it's a very sweet razor. It's likely to oust my EJ as my favorite.
  9. Luziana_Geezer

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  10. TiberiuR

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    I bougth a Merkur 34C.. It looked and worked ok. Nothing to complain.
    But I was a bit disappointed that it didn't shave as well as I thought.
    IMO Muhle/EJ are better. They look way better, and for me, they shave much better!
  11. shavejunkie

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    Merkur razor I've ever owned.
  12. Razor's Edge

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    I also own a Mercer, I think it's a classic open comb, and use it as my daily shaver with no problems.

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