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Discussion in 'The Brush' started by oscar11, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. oscar11

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    I thought there might be some interest on this subject on the board, so here goes. I would like to say everything you read from this point on is just my opinion. I'm not willing to argue about anything, I'll just call'em as I see'em. I'm not an expert but I know what I like on my face. We know what George Bernard Shaw said about generalities so that's where I'll start. Generally speaking I feel most boar brushes are over lofted from the factory.
    From left to right -
    1. Antica Barbieria Colla - I ordered from a US firm but the brush was drop shipped from Sweden. Nicely
    sculpted knot with fine looking bristle. This brush came in at 60mm by a hair under 28mm,measured. I
    don't care what the specs say. It is what it is.
    2. Thater boar - again a beautiful sculpted knot, bulb style. The measurement on this brush are a hair under
    60 mm (a plus as far as I'm concerned) by 26mm. I'm disappointed in this brush. For the price I don't
    expect a glue line around the knot weeping into the bristles. It really won't bother anything and I can
    probably remove it. I wouldn't expect this on a $10 boar much less one for this price. Other than that it's
    a beautiful brush. Brushes 1 & 2 cost more than my most expensive Shavemac knot. Neither brush has seen
    water yet but I'll soak the ABC today for tomorrows shave. Very fine bristle on this brush also. If your a
    Thater fan and consider this a dig, to bad. It is what it is, I guess they shouldn't have sent the brush out.
    3. Mondial - originally sculpted nicely with fine bristle, 25 x 60mm. This one comes in very close to the Thater
    dimension wise. I've used this one a few times and it's different than what I'm use to. I'd consider it a little
    on mushy side almost badger like. To give this a honest evaluation I need more time. Again, it's not bad just
    quite a bit different than what I consider normal for a boar.
    4. Homemade brush using a Semogue SOC knot. Lofted at 52mm in an oversized hole. This is one of my
    working brushes, I like it.
    5. Homemade brush using the big Omega knot, again one of my daily brushes. I like it.
    I do a couple of versions of this which is more dependent on hole size than loft which I'll usually keep
    somewhere around 55-57mm.
    6. Zenith 26 x 57mm, I like this brush. This is best factory boar brush I've ever bought. I have not used this
    brush a lot so time could change my opinion but I don't expect it to.
    In the upcoming days I'll make a few comments on the newer brushes 1,2,3,6. Have a good one.
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  2. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Hated my Thäter Premium Boar. Worst $85 I have ever spent in shaving. Even after 50 shaves, it was filled with, what felt like, needles. My Semogues are FAR better boar brushes at 1/4 the price. It's on it's way to @Jayaruh who is going to remove the knot and then I am having a Declaration Grooming knot inserted.
    Caveat Emptor.

    P.S. That vent felt REALLY good. Can't get away with this post anywhere else.
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  3. oscar11

    oscar11 Well-Known Member

    is that a boar knot or badger?
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  4. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    I share your opinion about Omega boar knots. I like them. Not too prickly during break in. I enjoy breaking one in! After doing a diluted vinegar rinse on a couple older brushes they softened beyond my preference. While the handles tend to a cheap plastic style (#10098 & #20248), the knots make great replacements for other handles.

    Only other from your selection I've experienced is a Semogue 1305. It was previously enjoyed by another TSD member so I don't know how they are brand new. Shorter lofted than my Omegas, it's quite soft.

    The No.6 brush in your line up - Zenith. Is the handle aluminum? Solid or hollow? It's one I've considered as an upgrade to the hollow plastic Omega 48 & 49 shape. Your recommendation of it being the "best factory boar brush I've ever bought" confirms what I've read from others who like boar brushes.

    Looking forward to hearing more of your thought on the others!
  5. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

  6. oscar11

    oscar11 Well-Known Member

    Handle is hollow aluminum. The Mondial is plastic but heavier duty than an Omega.
  7. lloydrm

    lloydrm Well-Known Member

    This is a 28X50 Zenith.

    I like the brush. It works well though not outstandingly. I really dislike that no mater short/long soaking time, recent or not so recent use it always sheds. I had some MWF soap in a dish, known for its shirking and expanding behavior, and after a few days away from home it had shrunk quite a bit and the sides were full of boar hair.

    note: IMO the "scrubby" they are offering now is not the same loft. I wouldn't get that one.
  8. CarlfromMO

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    When are we going to get some honest reviews around here? :happy097:
    Good reviews guys, keep 'em coming.

    I have a Stirling Boar brush that shed for the first 5 or 6 shaves. Now it sheds maybe one hair every third shave. At this rate, my ten dollar brush should last about ten years. :)
  9. john zeiger

    john zeiger Well-Known Member

    I have had the same shedding problem with my Zenith boar brush. I love the was Zenith's bristles ends split but can't stand all of the shedding. I also have a Semogue boar and it never sheds. I will not be buying another Zenith (because of the shedding issue) even though they seem like a superior boar brush.
  10. Boru62

    Boru62 Well-Known Member

    My favourite boar is the Omega 11137, a great face latherer, nice and dense and good backbone.
    I haven't measured it myself but..
    Maggards say: 24 X 52mm
    Connaughts say: 25 X 50mm

    Whichever it is, it's spot on imo.
  11. oscar11

    oscar11 Well-Known Member

    I did a hand lather with the ABC last night and did a regular face lather this morning. It lost a few bristles during the hand lather but nothing I would consider abnormal. My first impression of this brush is that it's dense, soft and has decent backbone. I look forward to it next use. I'll do a hand lather tomorrow and shave with it on Friday then it'll drop into rotation.
  12. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

    I read your post. I can't open the photo.images.
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  13. Redrock

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  14. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Insane Shaving Dude

    Thanks. What hole size do you prefer?
  15. oscar11

    oscar11 Well-Known Member

    Doug, I use 2 sizes depending on the feel I want. I'll have to check in my shop. Sometimes your dealing with inches sometimes mm with the bits.
    4 lathers with the ABC and 2 shaves. I do think this is going to be an excellent brush. I'll elaborate more later. I did the first hand lather with the Thater. It felt good backbone wise but it's prickly. Not a biggie at this point and hopefully it'll go away with the break in process.
  16. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    Primo, thank you! You saved me $85 plus international shipping. I was suspicious about the reviews I read elsewhere :signs002:, so I was waiting for some honest reviews.

    @oscar11 I am curious to see how it works out for you.
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  17. Bookworm

    Bookworm Well-Known Member

    Apparently has lost their domain for some reason - they have it as locked by the registrar, so they've switched to

    That's what the link says, at least.
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  18. bayercy

    bayercy Member

    My favourite three boar brushes.
    I had some others but i keep these ones.
    Omega Pro49 is my first boar. I still enjoy using it.
    830 is great at lathering creams.
    SOC is the King of boar brushes,imho.[​IMG]
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  19. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Insane Shaving Dude

    Good looking brushes. :happy096:
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  20. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

    Those are some nice looking brushes that you have there.

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