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    It's not the most logical choice for me since starting this fantastic hobby of wetshaving, but I've made my donation for prostate cancer research and I'm not going to shave until December 1st. Personally the longest I have ever gone without a shave in my shaving life. I'll be rocking a full beard top to bottom no touch ups or clean ups anywhere.

    I'm wondering who else will be joining in this adventure? I didn't take a picture on Oct 31st when I was clean shaven but I'll add a picture or two during my Journey to December 1st.

    Have a great month and hats off to the loved ones lost early to this disease, and a cheers to those who have fought and won! Early detection is the key so get checked!

    Brad Julicher
  2. zachmal

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    Congrats and good luck. I would but the military wont let me not shave. But a good buddy of mine has been doing this for 2 years. A great purpose. Good luck raising money and resisting the urge to shave,
  3. stingraysrock

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    The S.V.P. of my department here at work mentioned this to me a couple of days ago. I told him I enjoyed shaving too much to join in.

    He gave me a very disappointed look and asked why I love to shave so I told him about wet shaving. He said that was interesting but that I could feel free to join in the beard growing to show support for the cause.

    Sooo....I guess no SOS posts for me for the rest of the month...
  4. TheCopperHat

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    Welcome Jeff, to a month of depression and yearning as you look at your shave supplies every morning and smell the sweet aroma of soaps and creams begging to be used......I'm in a dark place right now and it's only 5 days... I'm just hoping my beard hair softens a little to reduce the itch, as of tomorrow it's offically the longest I've ever gone without a shave..ever..
  5. stingraysrock

    stingraysrock PIF'd away his custom title

    Well, there are always armpits and legs to shave I suppose. I already shaved my pits twice, I guess it is time for a touch up.

    I can also go ahead and shave my head and get that freaky-bald-guy-with-a-beard thing going...
  6. I'm going on this little adventure as well. I'd really like to grow out my usual winter-time beard but Movember really stressed the importance of just the 'stache in the post-register email they sent me. So at least I'll get to shave the rest of my face. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully I'll be channeling a Tom Selleck style moustache come December. :D

    By the way, its a big stupid college thing around here to do "No-shave November". Every other guy on campus will be growing out a full beard just because its an excuse to be lazy. Drives me crazy. When I grow one I like to keep it trimmed and groomed to still look presentable, not like I'm living on the streets. Hopefully the 'stache will stand out and people won't assume that its part of no-shave November.
  7. TheCopperHat

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    At work here we are doing full growth untrimmed, at the end of the month we put several styles into a hat (full shag, oc choppers trim, cop stache) and then draw out of it, whatever you pick you shave and wear for a week. The winner (longest growth) gets to shave clean or to whatever they prefer.

    @ Jeff - hahaha I could shave my pits every day but they just don't grow that fast, and as for my legs I may look a little... undesireable after that. I am thinking about the bald head as well, I just ordered the dovo stainless head shaving system to take for a spin. We'll see how soon that happens.
  8. That's pretty neat! I'll bet you get a lot more participants that way.
  9. What makes this honor ... congratulations and best wishes for this mission!
  10. TheCopperHat

    TheCopperHat Member

    ...Sadly I must admit defeat for I am weak. Since the event started I've accumulated some orders that I was waiting for, Including new soaps, a few new blades, and my Rolls back. I couldn't do it, the itch, and also the itch to try my rolls took it's toll and I shaved today. Everything but the mustache is gone now and I feel...I feel..Human again!

    On a side note that Rolls!!!!! :happy108 What a beauty. 7 days of growth, 3 pass to bbs and no irritation with Proraso green cream. Incredible.

    Oh shaving how I missed you! I'll never leave you like that again!
  11. Brad, I started to hijack your thread here and post my 7-day moustache photo but I look so absolutely stupid with this pathetic excuse for a 'stache that I think I'm going to keep it to myself. :( I look great with a trimmed beard or goatee, but the moustache is just not my thing. Its going to be difficult to keep it up for a month.

    By the way, I bought a lovely Rolls online last week and can't wait to get my hands on it!!
  12. TheCopperHat

    TheCopperHat Member

    Haha, no worries Nathan, I look like an idiot with a 'stache myself. I won't post what my wife calls it lol. I also look good with a trimmed goatee I just figured I'd try something different and lop it off for a while.

    The rolls is something different in itself. I love mine and use it in a regualr rotation.
  13. Queen of Blades

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    Whoa..........hold on a sec! No pic? :confused:

    Well, I guess I'll just have to keep this little bottle of fragrance the mailman delivered this weekend all to myself then.
  14. aberneth

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    I'm doing no-shave-november. Obviously not out of laziness. Obviously not out of a loathing for shaving. Just 'cuz. So far so good, except for the DEVIL clawing at my face.
  15. TheCopperHat

    TheCopperHat Member

    Yep, and that devil was killing me slowly from the inside. I got moody and short tempered just because I couldn't shave and my face felt like I was trying to wear steel wool.
  16. For Her Majesty...

    Gee whiz, she definitely knows how to hit a man where it hurts. ;)

    Alas, I'm going to assume that this is to be the first of many a post in this thread.

    PS- The photo is crappy, I know. I took it after a shower and shave last night. My cellphone camera is all I had nearby. I'm actually quite devilishly handsome in person. ;)

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  17. aberneth

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    You weren't kidding about looking hispanic :happy102
  18. Ah, and thus the ethnic comments start. :rolleyes:

    Seriously, though, everyday I get asked where I'm from. India? Mexico? Native American? Spain? The Middle East?

    I've learned to just go with it. :cool:
  19. Dridecker

    Dridecker Sherlock

    Looks fine to me Nathan, kinda reminds me of William Powell actually, and that ain't a bad thing. :happy088
  20. Queen of Blades

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    Matt Dillon in There's Something About Mary!

    Nice! :happy088

    Ok, I'll add the D&G Light Blue (for her) to the store tomorrow.

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