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Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by Tony Shlongini, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Congrats and best of luck....

    ...........with the new forum. Hope it all works out well.

    I see some familiar names here.
  2. Queen of Blades

    Queen of Blades Mistress of Mischief Staff Member

    Moderator Supporting Vendor
    Welcome to The Shave Den Tony!

    You know some of us, do we know you?
  3. But of course!
  4. TraderJoe

    TraderJoe Pink Floid

    Welcome Tony, thanks for the kind words. Glad to see you here :D
  5. Hey, Joe. Cute kid.
  6. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear New Member

    Oh Tony..... Mrs. Schlongini is just a beautiful as ever! :D
  7. If I could only use my original avatar, I would be a happy man.
  8. Lyrt

    Lyrt Flash

    By all means, use it.
  9. Scorpio

    Scorpio Big Hitter

    Welcome Tony!!!

    By your avatar I have a pretty good idea of your secret identity!!!:D

    Glad to see ya!!

  10. Lyrt

    Lyrt Flash

    Hmm, nothing's wrong with that new avatar. :confused:
  11. Will

    Will Nevermind

    You know I don't care it is a drawn picture

    Would Michaelangelo's David be off limits? Not in my book!
  12. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear New Member

    Ummm... NO.
  13. Lyrt

    Lyrt Flash

    Seriously, what's wrong with it? :confused:
  14. Wrong again, Lyrt.

    See above, sailor.
  15. Will

    Will Nevermind

    You little Devil you!
  16. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear New Member

    Thank you Jay... :angelic015 :D
  17. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear New Member

    Absolutely nothing! Unless of course you want to see what I would change MY avatar too....... ::angelic004
  18. Lyrt

    Lyrt Flash

  19. Will

    Will Nevermind

    YES! please do!

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