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  1. in what year did msn wetshavers debut online? what about yahoo clubs? assuming that msn wetshavers shaving forum was the first shaving forum ever in history, were they around like in 1995? if wetshavers went online in 1995 and yahoo clubs in 1997, how does the shaving tips and advice given by todays forums differ from the tips and advice given back then? would anyone happen to know how todays forums are better than what was available back in 1995/1997? rsvp
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    You might want to ask these folks. They have been forumizing a la wetshave since the Pleistocene.

    MSN Wetshavers
    Dr. Moss or Bernards66 on the Shave My Face forum
    Joel on Badger & Blade

    Straight Razor Place Yahoo group
    Lynn Abrams on the Straight Razor Place forum

    Sharpologist website
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    The pre-historic straight razor place Yahoo group started in 2000. MSN "Wetshavers" debuted in 2003 (though there was a group that pre-dated that for a short time but it suddenly closed). There was a competing MSN group, "Wetshaving" at the same time (LINK with a little more info).

    Tips were largely the same, though there was only a fraction of the products available compared to these days so a lot of the advice then took into account the limited supply.

    Today's forums are "better" in quantity of traffic and variety of opinions. The old forum days were much more civil and accommodating with a much higher "signal to noise ratio." IMHO
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