My Newest Razor - Razorock Hawk V2 SE Silver Satin & Feather Pro Blades

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    Just received this a couple of days ago. I have read many good things about it and I do favor SE Razors, so I thought I give it a go. The price is very reasonable. Now that I have it, it seems a bit intimidating. Dam the head is 2" wide and the Feather Pro Blade is 1 7/8' Long. This does require special blades, but they are not hard to find, though a bit expensive. However, most reviewers say they get at least 8 to 10 comfortable shaves per blade.
    Like I said, I am a bit intimidated, so I have not tried it yet, but I definitely will, one day next week.

    Does anyone have any experience with this beast?


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  2. brit

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    very nice sir..will be good for wide areas ..:)
  3. johnnyflake

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    Okay guys, I finally finished my 10 straight days of shaving, with the Beast, this morning. I lovingly call it the beast, because it’s so big and intimidating. The head is just at 1/2” longer than the average DE shave head, but this is an SE razor. It uses special SE blades. Feather makes a couple, I was using their Feather Pro. They are a bit expensive for a pack of 20 blades, about $17, but the blades easily last for 8/10 shaves and more. Because of it’s size, it does take a few shaves to become comfortable handling it, but it just seems to come natural and after a few days, you don’t even think about it’s size.

    This morning I completed 10 shaves, with this razor, using a Feather Pro Artist Blade. All shaves were very comfortable and smooth, but slightly aggressive. You do get a lot of blade feel, but it’s not uncomfortable, it’s just there. I would rate the aggressiveness of this razor at a 6.5 on a 1 to 10 scale. Even today’s shave was very comfortable, but I can tell that the blade is beginning to dull. Normally, I would call it quits after this 10th shave and I will in the future, but I am going to try another shave, maybe two more, just to see what happens. For all the shaves so far, I used several TOBS Creams a few G F Trumpr Creams and Tabac.

    IMHO, this is an amazing razor, that’s hard to beat, especially at about $37.00. Like I mentioned the blades are a bit expensive, but at 8 / 10 shaves per blade, they are well worth the price.
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