My Rolls Razors...with one on the way

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Rapidray, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Rapidray

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    Thought I would share some photo's of my Rolls Razors. A small collection as I have seen some really nice large ones. Still learning a lot about these great razors. Not a whole lot of information out there. The Shave Den does have a very nice thread, (a sticky - yes, that good!) on these. While I do shave with DE razors, I have also used the Auto Strop, and then I found these. The ones in the blue cases are the Imperial No. 2, at the ends. The two in the middle are the Viscount's.


    Here are the cases side by side. The Imperial No 2 is a more solid square case. It has the three rows of design to it. It is on the right side. The Viscount has a tray layer to it. It also has only one row of design to it. It is on the left side.


    The release buttons are also different. The buttons are on both ends and will release either the hone plate or the strop plate. The Viscount, on the top is marked with a H or S, H for the hone and S for the strop. The Imperial No. 2 has no lettering. I do not know if this is a era type of ID'ing so if you have an older Viscount with no letter marking, please let me know.

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  2. gorgo2

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    The only razor I would ever need, just not the only razor I will ever use. :)
  3. Jayaruh

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    Very nice razors.
  4. mickeyobe

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    I am a Rolls Razor addict. I have 14 of them. Imperial, Viscount in stainless steel and nickel, and Viscount aluminum.
    I always overhaul them and sanitize them. Restoration of the blade is a slow process as my beard only grows fast enough for one test shave per day.
    The rest is fairly easy.
    I have never paid more than $25.00 CAN for a Rolls Razor..

    I find that the blades generally need to be reset by a sharpologist. I am trying to learn to do it myself but it is an uphill process for me.
    When done by a professional they are the equal of any other kind of razor. Depending on your beard and how you care for the Rolls it should only have to be reset every one or two years or even less frequently.
    I have found an easy way to restore cracked or broken hones despite the cautions of the manufacturers.
    As well, I can usually restore unhealthy strops. Although some strops are beyond repair.
    For those I buy inexpensive straight razor strops on the internet and cut them to shape. I can usually get two from a single strop.

    I enjoy shaving with the Rolls. It never cuts me. I feel safe and comfortable with it. I find it shaves best when the blade is as flat as possible to the face.

    Just think, the last Rolls was made in 1963 and none of the owners ever had to buy another blade.

    I am far from being a pro but if I can help you just give me a call mickeyoberman1@gmail. com
    But wait for a week or two. My old computer will not take incoming e mail along with a few other ailments so I am shopping for a new one.

    Meanwhile, enjoy.

  5. Misphit

    Misphit Rest In Peace

    I thought I was bad with owning 5
  6. Rapidray

    Rapidray Well-Known Member

    I know...great isn't it. I have my first SS Imperial No.3 coming to me from England. That one will be my 5th. It will not be my last. ;)

    Now, that is the largest collection I know of! Well done. I will keep in touch as you asked. Good luck on finding your next computer...the last one I bought was an Apple and have never regretted it.
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  7. macaronus

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    Great set, Rapidray! Enjoy them!
  8. Rapidray

    Rapidray Well-Known Member

    Ok...have added a few more to my growing family. They just call out my name...word must have gotten out that I have a soft spot for them.
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  9. macaronus

    macaronus Sir Nice-a-Lot

    oooh.gif Enjoy them!
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  10. SixCats!

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    Hi all,

    Newbie first post here. I realize this is an OLD thread. That being said, I only very recently started collecting vintage Razors. I admit to being a bit "out of control" having purchased thirty one Razors (both DE and SE) in just the last five weeks (mostly Gillette, Ever-Ready and GEM). Today however, I found and purchased two BEAUTIFUL condition ROLLS RAZORS. I think I am now "hooked" collecting Rolls Razors as the Rolls Razor is such a beautiful piece of gear. One of the units I purchased is the (more common) "Imperial No. 2" (circa 1950 w/Clam Shell case, one blade and original Instructions). The other unit (purchased at a second location later in the day) is a circa 1952 Rolls Razor "The Traveler" (with two blades, blade case in a Leather Clam Shell case). Oooh, I paid twelve dollars for each Razor! I plan to seek out more of these unique Razors this Summer at the likes of Yard Sales, Flea Markets, Antique Shops, etc. I enjoy cleaning/detailing these units and making them look new! Both of the Razors I purchased today needed little work/cleaning as both Razors appear to be almost (as new). I look forward (at some future point) to Shaving with one of these Razors. In the meantime, I have oiled the hones and Mink Oiled the strops (which are both in outstanding condition to begin with) and of course cleaned the blades and detailed the entire units (including cases). I plan to hone and/or strop the Blades in the future.

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  11. Jayaruh

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    High Their, @SixCats! Glad to have you join us. I, too, love the Rolls. You should check in here for a proper welcome:
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  12. SixCats!

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    @Jayaruh, Hello Jay. Thank you for the warm welcome. I will indeed do a proper intro at the provided link. I'm glad to hear you love your Rolls Razor! Thanks.


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