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Discussion in 'Shaving Cream Reviews' started by hyperwarp, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. hyperwarp

    hyperwarp New Member

    Whilst. recently, desparately struggling with a savage bout of SCAD (which I lost), I ordered the Nancy Boy Signature SC & the NB Rejuvenating SC.

    The order was processed immediately & the shipment arrived last Monday.

    Thought I'd start with the Sig then proceed to the Rejuvenating, but dang if
    the Signature SC isn't such a fantastic,indeed, marvelous product that I've
    been shaving with it every day so haven't got to try the Rejuve yet.

    The 1st thing that hit me when I popped the lid on the jar was this cream is beautifully "shiny" (high glycerine content?). The second thing that hit was the scent which is strong & delicious: peppermint, rosemary & lavender.

    The lather is brushless, but it beats up beautifully under a quick assualt by
    the badger. The resultant cream is very rich and lays down a superbly cushioning glide path for your mower.

    The lather left my face moist after 3 passes + a touch up. There is also allatoin & comfrey in the product to promote skin healing which is a very nice touch.

    Bottom line: This is a superb shaving cream. High quality, top notch ingredients for about half price of 2 of the T's & about the same price (per oz) as the other T (TOBS).

    Bird Cage Liner Notes:

    1) Ingredients (lifted from their website): Purified water, potassium myristate (from natural vegetable oils), sodium stearate (from natural vegetable oils), glycerin, cocos nucifera oil (from coconuts), aloe barbadensis leaf juice, avocado oil, pistacia vera seed oil, fragrance (includes lavender, peppermint and rosemary essential oils), allantoin (from comfrey plant), bitter orange flower extract, cucumber extract, propylene glycol, tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), methyl gluceth-20 (from corn), polyquaternium-7, methylparaben (anti-microbial), hydroxyethylcellulose (natural stabilizer), propylparaben (anti-microbial).

    2) You don't have to be Nancy to buy from NancyBoy, BUT, if ya want a 15% discount applied to your order (the 1st & any reorders), ya gotta
    join "Club Nancy Boy". Gulp, I did.

    3) If you order over $50 dollars of products (pre discount prices), you get
    free Fedex shipping + a "reward" which is usually your choice of a travel size
    product, like hair gel or shaving cream or....

    4) I also ordered Shampoo, Conditioner & Shower Gel. All superior products with the shower gel earning a superb as it smells great & makes your tender
    parts tingle in a very pleasant way upon application

    5) The customer service aspect of the transaction was also Superb.

    I gotta try the Rejuv SC, it's right there on my counter next to the Signature.:drool

    Discussion thread for Nancy Boy is here:
  2. Baloosh

    Baloosh Duder

    Amazing product

    I've been a big fan of the Nancy Boy Signature cream ever since I first tried it over a year ago. The slickness and lubrication I get from this cream is second to none, and the moisturizing properties of the cream post-shave are great! In the summer months, I don't even feel the need for post-shave moisturizer on the days I use this cream.

    The scent is Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender, and the guys at Nancy Boy have struck such a unique combination, that I even bought their candles and home scents in the Signature scent. The smell is somehow so relaxing -- almost zen-like.

    Do yourself a favor and try this one out.
  3. hyperwarp

    hyperwarp New Member

    Did you try their Replenishing SC out?

    Superb for those suffering (or not suffering even) with hyperSensitive Skin. Same great shave qualities as the Signature SC, 'cept the scent is "Cucumber", with a Kapital "K".

    The scent of the Signature SC is just flat out hard to beat for sure.

    ((((Arrggggh, is there a way to comment on review without "re-rating". Thought this was just a QR....)))
  4. Queen of Blades

    Queen of Blades Mistress of Mischief Staff Member

    Moderator Supporting Vendor
    No worry. It doesn't effect the over all rating at all.
  5. wa_bacchus

    wa_bacchus New Member

    Let me state my bias here before I start the full review. I cannot stand mint, menthol, or especially coniferous scents. Not only that, but most of the "cooling" creams actually dry and burn my skin to the point of lingering red splotches. I'm still going to do this review as I know of others out there that have the same issues. I will say that I do enjoy the rare shave with Ingram every now and then.

    So, I excitedly opened my new bowl of Nancy Boy Signature Scent and was transported back to my childhood. Standing by the sink next to my huge Italian mother in her flowing house dress and precisely molded hair bun. Snap to mama's hands and seeing her shaking a metallic blue and red tube, white powder falling into the sink. The water hitting the powder and a swirling vortex of blue appearing. The blossoming acrid grainy stench like dozens of pine tree air fresheners swinging lazily from rear view mirrors in smelly grandpa cars rising to meet my burning nostrils...


    Yes, Ajax cleanser. This cream smells just like Ajax cleanser. Sadly, the similarities don't end there. Just trying to get this cream completely covering my face, let alone shaving with it was a challenge. It felt as if I was slathering on industrial chemicals. Burning, irritation, instant redness. The smell it produced on lathering was vile, worse than anything I actually use to clean my bathroom. I was able to get one line of the first pass done before I dove for the sink, drowning my poor skin in warm water and mourning the stink left on my innocent little Rooney-1-Super. I grabbed for the closest soap, Tabac and finished my shave already trying to repress the cruel, cruel experience.
  6. The Chebb

    The Chebb New Member

    This cream lived up to the hype...

    Great experience with this product that I received as a gift from a friend. Smells excellent, lathered up pretty easy and quick for me, providing a very comfortable shave in conjunction with the pre-shave oil and soothing aftershave gel - of course I wish it would be cheaper (who wouldn't) and that they mailed overseas. All in all I don't think you can go wrong with Nancy Boy!
  7. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master Staff Member

    I really don't have much to say that hasn't been said (good things) already. This is one fine shave cream. The current price is $18.00 for a 6 ounce tub ($15.30 if you join the free 'Club Nancy Boy'... be sure to join before buying anything and for doing so you get 15% off of your first and all future orders). Of course if you have sensitive skin, minty/menthol type creams may not be for you but if that's not an issue, the peppermint-rosemary-lavender scent is absolutely amazing. And for the record, this soap smells nothing like Ajax cleanser or any other kind of household cleanser. It's impossible to even smell like Ajax with all of the peppermint and lavender in it.

    The uber-traditional London Spectator, the oldest continuously published magazine in the English language (since 1828) did a run-down on the world's top shaving products and recommended only one non-British brand: Nancy Boy Signature. I'm not uber-traditional and I've only been around since 1973, but I highly recommend this shave cream.. to Americans, Britains and everyone else.
  8. Mr. Wonderful

    Mr. Wonderful Active Member

    I'm a little OCD about collecting shave soaps and creams. Penahaligons, Aqua di Parma, Xpec, Floris, and about 30 other high end products in my bathroom. Haven't used any of them since a jar of NB signature arrived. I've turned a number of my boyfriends on to this product and everyone of them adores it. Their bath soap is to die for.
  9. CyanideMetal

    CyanideMetal Wild and crazy guy

    Soooo, if you need the funds and extra space, I might be interested in moving the Pens, XPEC and AdP for ya.

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