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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by sammyak, May 15, 2018.

  1. sammyak

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    i have been using Gillette 7'0 clock sterling razor, am a beginner and adopted wet shaving recently. i would like to upgrade my razor and need your suggestions....

    Thank you !!!!
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  2. Engblom

    Engblom Well-Known Member

    You will have difficulties to find any consensus at all. Each thread with this theme will have almost as many suggestions as posters. Shaving preferences are so personal. Sadly usually the most vocal ones are the least experienced wanting to convert everyone to their newly found shaving "religion".

    Instead of straight jumping to another razor, maybe you should try to describe what you like about your current razor and what you would want to see improved.

    My own absolute favorite razor is the very mild iKon X3, but I know it is not a razor for everybody.
  3. 178-bplatoon

    178-bplatoon Well-Known Member

    You may want to experiment with different blades first. Every blade shaves differently and trying new blades is tons cheaper than tying different razors. :)
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  4. john zeiger

    john zeiger Well-Known Member

    It depends a lot on what you want to spend. My suggestion would be to go with a Rockwell 6C or 6S. They have 3 base plated each with 2 settings per base plate - giving you 6 settings with each model. The 6C (which is what I have) is Chrome plated and the 6S is solid Stainless Steel. Because of the build materials the 6C costs about half of the 6S. These are are both very smooth shavers and offer the adjustability of 6 different settings. My 6C is in my top two razors because it gives such a nice easy, smooth shave yet it is one of least costly razors I own. Just my opinion. As Engblom mentioned, I'm sure you'll receive plenty of other opinions.
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  5. Enrico

    Enrico Well-Known Member

    Good morning @sammyak, are you looking for vintage or new? Vintage, I'd point you in the direction of a Pre war Tech, Flare or a 40's Super Speed. If you'd prefer new, I'd say an Edwin Jagger D89, Merkur 34C or as suggested a Rockwell 6C. I've been interested in the Rockwell, but probably would go for the 6S due to it being stainless steel.
  6. kfbrady

    kfbrady Well-Known Member

    I think you have three basic options, and much depends on your budget:

    1) Modern, relatively inexpensive razors.

    In this category I would include makers like WCS, Muhle, Edwin Jagger, Merkur and a host of others. They typically cost in the $15-$60 range and are mostly 3 piece designs. Most of them will have chrome plated cast zamak (zinc alloy) heads which is a somewhat less desirable metal than brass or stainless steel, but they will all look great, be well made and more importantly provide you with a great shave.

    2) Modern "boutique" razors.

    This category includes the $100-plus models that are typically machined from exotic steels or titanium. They are beautiful, expensive, perform superbly and are built well enough to last a generation...or three. Owners of these razors typically rave about them; well I guess you pretty much have to if you've invested that much money. But, if your budget allows, a Timeless, Wolfman, Charcoal Goods, Blackbird, etc., could be for you.

    3) Vintage razors.

    This category has the widest variety of designs and prices you will see. Vintage razors made by Gillette, Ever Ready, GEM, etc., are all over eBay and Etsy, with prices starting at $10 or so and going up into the stratosphere for rare models. Don't be put off by the fact they are old as they are easily brought back to life with a little TLC. These razors were produced in the millions, generally from nickel plated brass and are still going strong 60, 70 and even 100 years after they were made.

    Okay, enough with the generalities. Here are my personal, opinionated, totally subjective, suggestions.

    In category 1, go with a West Coast Shaving model for $15.

    In category 2, don't buy anything...yet. It's a big decision so hold off until you really know what you like and want.

    In category 3, go find an early Gillette Super Speed (late 40's/early 50's model or a mid-50's Flare Tip) on eBay. You'll get a nice one for $20 or so.
  7. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    Find one you like and go for it.

    They all do the same thing and you will be able to get a great shave regardless of choice once you spend some time and dial in your technique.

    Don't go down the rabbit hole searching for a magic razor.

    Mindset, skill set, then tool set.
  8. Linuxguile

    Linuxguile dating an unusual aristocrat

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    Stick with the razor that you have for a solid month. Use the same blade, brush and soap also(30 day rule). Once you can get a smooth shave with no irritation and no nicks or weepers then you can start looking at other razors. Otherwise you will continue to buy razors and wonder why your shaves aren't getting better. You may think you are getting good shaves now, but if you spend 30 days working on your technique you will be amazed at how much better your shaves can actually get.
  9. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    Welcome @sammyak! Glad you joined us here at TSD. I understand the wonder and amazement you are experiencing as the Wet Shaving world unfolds around you. So many choices that it can be overwhelming. These two guys make an important point.
    When you forget the cartridge habits of mashing the razor head against your face, upgrade to a slick soap, and perform a simple post shave procedure - you current razor will surprise you with the best shaves ever.
    There's a group of New Shavers trying out vintage gear, and Vintage Shavers learning new razors (Click HERE). The idea is to take the gear you own and with some cheerleading and coaching figure out the techniques to avoid razor burn and get consistent beard reductions.

    That said, seeking & collecting razors is an interesting hobby. It's even more fun when you can competently use everyone you own.

    Is this your current razor?
    Gillette 7'oclock Sterling.gif
    What are you using for lather, and are you applying any post shave products?
  10. John Ruschmeyer

    John Ruschmeyer Well-Known Member

    The 7 o'Clock Sterling is a nice, if basic, razor. It is basically a continuation of the last versions of Gillette's Tech razor. A similar, but more substantial, razor would be something like the Baili BT171. Since you are using a Sterling, should I assume that you are from India? If so, you might want to check out the Pearl brand razors. If you want to go vintage, then I'd suggest starting with a Gillette from the 1950s or early 1960s.
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  11. DesertTime

    DesertTime Well-Known Member

    To me, the joy of wet shaving is using soap and brush; it all starts there (for me). I would shave with a chain saw, as long as I got to use my soap and brush. As others have mentioned, you can get a decent shave with about any of the DE razors mentioned, probably even the one you're using. Learn to properly use the one you have. Finding a decent, cushioning, slick soap will open up the possiblities with the one you're using. Shaving with poor lather, whether it be an inferior soap or poorly developed lather, can be an irritating experience with the best, most expensive razor.
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  12. John Ruschmeyer

    John Ruschmeyer Well-Known Member

    I feel like I should clarify my statement a bit. I agree with the previous comments and suggestions regarding working on technique with a single razor.

    Since @sammyak never said why he wants to upgrade razors, I figured I'd skip the technique discussion and go straight to the suggestions.
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  13. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    How long have you been using that razor? Is there anything wrong with the shaves? I am a technique guy. You say your a beginner. It takes time to learn. Jumping razors and blades without learning good technique will not get you anywhere.
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  14. sammyak

    sammyak Member

    Thanks Engblom, totally agree that shaving is personal !!!!
    The reason to ask this question in this forum is to know how do i progress from one razor to another !!! there are so any options available in the market and i am having difficulty to choose.....
    i dont know where to start from....
    The Razor i brought from the local super market was to just try out whether i can withstand the DE Razor or NOT !!! surprisingly i fell in love with it, tools i used were
    Razor: Gillette 7'0 Clock Razor
    Blade: Gillette 7'0 Clock platinum (Black)
    Shaving cream: Nivea sensitive shaving gel
    Brush: Gillette synthetic brush
    as you can see that gear i own is pretty much beginners kit, my first shave with Gillette 7'0 clock sterling was amazing that i fell in love with wet shaving !!!
    also to mention that i have a very sensitive skin and i have changed myself from Gillette sensor excel to Mach 3 to Mach 3 fusion then moved on to electric shavers used Panasonic arc 4 at the beginning this razor worked like a charm but maintaining it is expensive (in past 4 years changed my shaver foil twice) and i did not want to go back to cartridge razors so i chose DE shaver and felt amazing !!! This has been my journey so far and now i enter in to the world of Wet shaving !!!
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  15. sammyak

    sammyak Member

    Sure bplatoon, i have used Gillette 7'0 clock platinum (black), Gillette wilkinson sword, Gillette 7'0 clock stainless steel (green) and now i recently purchased feather Hi-steel (yellow case) blades.
    as i live in india, i have tried out the Gillette series and i like the Gillette 7'0 clock platinum (black) ones the best, i am yet to try out the feather and i will let you know about it soon !!!
    Thanks for the suggestion !!! :)
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  16. sammyak

    sammyak Member

    Thanks John for the suggestion, i will look out for Rockwell 6C or 6S and i have seen great reviews about this razor online, unfortunately this razor is not available in India !!! i will have to ask my friends in America or Europe to get this for me and i this will take some time until and unless am i lucky enough to find one who is travelling tomorrow or sooner to india :) The options i have in India are
    1. Merkur 34c
    2. Parker 24c / 26c
    3. Parker 96R
    4. Edwin jagger DE89
    your suggestion please....
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  17. sammyak

    sammyak Member

    Thanks Enrico....yes these were razors i had in my head but was unsure which one to choose....i did came across parker 24c / 26c, is this razor on the aggressive side ?
  18. sammyak

    sammyak Member

    Thanks kfbrady for the detail explanation, i will look out for these also i want to hear on Parker razors, what options are available for mildly aggressive razor???
  19. sammyak

    sammyak Member

    Thanks PanChango !!! noted !!! i am in the process of refining my technique :)
    soon, I will master it :D
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  20. sammyak

    sammyak Member

    Thanks andrew, great advice....respect !!!!
    i will try this out for a month and shall post my experience soon !!! you rightly described what i am going through !!! i had purchased couple of tazors and was not happy with them, i still like the Gilette 7'0 clock sterling razor it out performs Pearl sbf 11 and Bombay shaving company (BSC) razor. pearl razor i found it to be very aggressive and had few nicks where as BSC razor was very mild even with their aggressive base plate. i shall try out Gillette 7'0 clock sterling for a month and master the technique !!!!
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