Need help with first DE razor

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by mreeveshp, Aug 31, 2020.

  1. brit

    brit in a box

    i got spooked with the zamak head and the cap/post breakage.probably unfounded.that and i was deep into gillette collecting by then..
  2. brit

    brit in a box

    very cool.mine was restoring 60s cars and trucks..that is hugely expensive..good luck with your razor choices.there are many out there.mine are vintage gillettes,but there are many other options as well.many folks will offer their opinions on which type or brand.but all are good choices.start with the basics that work for you and go from there.i would recommend the 34hd and just use it only for at least 30 days.learn to use it .don't pick another razor after a few shaves if you are having an patient and work through it. the skin has to adapt as well.pretend you were given a razor and blades and that's your only choice.make it work with practice,zero to little pressure when using.the results will come in a solid technique..good luck..:)
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    Can I say my hobby is picking up new hobbies?
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  4. mreeveshp

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    I would love to restore cars but prices make it hard so I help my neighbor on rare occasions working on cars.

    If I do get the 34c i will use it for a good amount of time before even looking at other razors just so I know exactly how it should feel, pretty much know it inside out before moving to something else

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  5. brit

    brit in a box

    absolutely..:)..tons of opportunity within this hobby..collecting ,building ,restoring..
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  6. brit

    brit in a box

    awesome..good luck with your new adventure..:)
  7. MR41

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    Happy early birthday!
    Tabac is second to none and Proraso is a solid soap but the VanDer Hogan is one of the best values for money. The Van Der Hogan luxury soap that is 3 for $10 on Amazon is, in my opinion, a solid performing soap.
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  8. Angelo85

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    I’d recommend a Parker 96R as I’ve always enjoyed the shaves I got from it. As far as blades I’d buy a sampler pack of blades since only he can determine what brand of blade is best for him.
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  9. BBS

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    On the blades, I'd second a sampler pack for starters. You can get blade sampler packs on amazon among other places. Keep the other variables the same otherwise in the beginning a bad blade to you will still be a bad blade to you regardless of razor or soap.

    I personally use Bic Chrome Platinum blades, my reason is this, they are not the sharpest or longest lasting but hold an edge better than any blade I've tried. There is no break in or fall off period with them, they work the same from the first shave until they don't. The second they feel like they don't I replace the blade. With that said there are other blades I would use and occasionally do like Voshkod or the Gillette Silver Blue blades.

    Though not as cheap as buying in bulk an option to buy single blades to use is

    As far as soap I'd also recommend the C/O Bigelow cream which is just rebranded Proraso. The 5.2 oz containers usually cost around $10 for either Proraso or C/O Bigelow. A 5.2 oz container can easily last up to a year if not more used daily. I don't know how cost effective it is compared to canned goo like Barbasol 1oz cans which run about $1.50 a can. I do know it is much better on the skin and less drying unless you cut your barbasol with some water and brush lather it.

    If you are in the 40 to 50 dollar range I'd also suggest looking at some Chinese made razors like a Weishi or Bali which you should be able to come in at that price with a razor stand and or traveling case or some full set with a brush or even one the adjustable options from them like the Weishi nostalgic which will come in under the price range you mentioned.

    If you want an overview of modern adjustable razors.
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  10. BBS

    BBS Well-Known Member

    Profitable and self financing if you are good at it.
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  11. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    Ryan brings up some valid points, although, I think you could go back to the middle 50's and get a terrific razor. I used a '56 Flair Tip (you can get one for about $25) and it was a magnificent razor. IMO, easier to use than the Merkur 34C.
    I guarantee this one would clean up and look great.
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  12. PLANofMAN

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    I agree. A little scrubbing bubbles and that razor would look like new.

    The 50's era super speeds had a higher domed head and a slightly longer, heavier handle. They shave about the same as the later versions.
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  13. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    @mreeveshp I just shaved with the Astra SS .......... I have no complaints with them. Excellent shave!

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  14. brit

    brit in a box

    car restoration long as you are restoring someone else's car or truck.then you are billing the hours spent and they are aware before hand and budget accordingly.otherwise no..depending on the make and model as well.:)
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  15. brit

    brit in a box

    absolutely.i have been lucky with my vintage pays to buy from a known good seller so a tweaked or faulty one isn't purchased.a newbie might not notice an out of line or slightly off one and have unsatisfying or disastrous results..
  16. MrEE

    MrEE Half Naked Shave Stalker

    @mreeveshp, see lots of votes from lots of folks. The Merkur 34C you already sent links to you brother for will serve you well. Yes, any one of the great vintage razors or other popular models would also be awesome, but you're starting in a great place and you do have to start somewhere.

    Getting a blade sampler is a common recommendation and I suppose it works, but it's expert advice from experts who've forgotten what it's like to be new. Technique trumps tools and that includes the blade. So until you have learned technique you really can't judge which blade works best for you. I recommend you pick a popular brand of blades, Astra is a great place to start, and shave with it for 30 to 60 days. Then you can buy a sampler. Honestly I hated the first 5 blades I tried. Then I realized it was because I sucked. I circled back and tried them months later and like several of them.

    We can go over why salesman advice, where samplier packs started, is rarely good advice at a later date, but for now just get started.
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  17. MrEE

    MrEE Half Naked Shave Stalker

    Funny story! When I decided I wanted to replate a Fatboy, I ordered one on ebay for $20. It showed up dirty but near mint plating. I purchased another, same story. It happened 3 times. The 4th finally needed replating. I've got to be the only person around who purchased 4 fatboys looking for 1 crappy one.

    The moral of the story is while I was purchasing super speeds to practice plating I always paid around $10 to $15 shipped. What I found was, if they had endcaps, 2 out of 3 cleaned up pretty well.
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  18. mreeveshp

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    That's what I kind of figured, get my technique with one blade just using it constantly instead of changing between 10 or 15 brands only to find out they were good it was just that I wasn't doing everything right, and I'm sure salesman make more money on samplers since you are only getting 5 to 10 blades of each instead of the lower cost of buying in bulk.

    I don't know if my brother has actually ordered everything yet but I'm like a kid waiting on christmas, I can't wait for everything to come.

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    Today I stayed home to watch my mom as she has dementia and needs someone with her at all times while my dad went to the grocery and a few other stores, so I gave him a few dollars and asked him to get me some disposable razors so I have something until I get my birthday gift and to my surprise he came home with the van der hagen DE razor and a pack of the stainless blades and a pack of the ice tempered blades but for some reason they still don't carry styptic pencils. To be honest I don't know if the razor is any good and the reviews seem to be hit and miss, and I don't know when our wal mart started carrying them. So anyway I told dad that I would pay him back and he just said don't worry about it, which is kind of surprising for him.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on these razors and blades. I don't know if I'm going to try them tonight or wait until tomorrow.

    And I was also gifted a wonderful brush by an amazing member of this forum which I can't thank him enough, so when I actually get the merkur I will still post a picture of that with this very nice brush.

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  20. MrEE

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    You can get a good shave with a Van Der Hagen. You will be able to tell the difference between that and the Merkur 34C. You only need a styptic pencil if you mess up. So, don't mess up. Most pharmacies carry styptic powder if you're really concerned about it. People on blood thinners are encouraged to keep styptic powder on hand.
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