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    24MM 2 Band Extra Dense Synthetic FAN w/ Elegant Emerald Handle - Shaving Brush - Cream/Brown - Imitation Badger - APShaveCo.

    I purchased this brush on the right, used it a few times doing practice lathering and found it floppy. This was not to my liking so I contacted Andrew at APShaveCo. to see if we could find a solution. He told me that he installed the knot with silicone and the knot should be easy to remove. Unfortunately it wouldn't come out. I've had that problem my self using silicone. Just a little to much and you might as well be using epoxy.
    I again messaged Andrew, we came to a solution.
    I drilled out the handle from 12 mm to 16 mm. The original loft was 57 mm, so my end product was 53 mm loft. This is much more to my liking. Reinstalled the knot with silicone let it sit for 24 hours and the did a test lather. It worked great.
    Andrew at APShaveCo was great work with. I would give him an A+ in customer service.
    24mm 2BEDSyn Fan Elegant Emerald.jpg
    I did keep them both.;)

    Semper Fidelis
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