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Discussion in 'Razor Restoration' started by Claude Stewart, Jan 23, 2021.

  1. Claude Stewart

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    Picked up a F.W. Engels Leader a while ago. Unfortunately, I was a bit to strong handed while restoring it and broke the right side scale. UGH! Then, trying to remove the accents from the scales, I once again pulled a bit too hard and ruined the bottom accent. UGH again. I have to learn how to be more patient.

    I found new scales I thought would go nicely with the blade. Received them yesterday and today started the process of securing them to the blade, hopefully.

    With the kind help of Daltongang, providing instruction on how to correctly install the pin and couplers, I began the painstaking task. Nervous and ever so gently filing down the pin to almost flush then using a small ballpein to gingerly tap the pin until secure, the blade finally set tightly in place. YEE HAW! I didn't break the scales. Thank you Daltongang!

    So here it is. Well honed and ready for use on my next wet shave.

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    Article Team
    I have been known to lack patience, too. Good recovery. The razor looks great.
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  3. Claude Stewart

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    Yeah, unfortunately patients with working with these types of projects isn’t a strong point.

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