New Liquid Body Soaps at Stirling Soap

Discussion in 'Vendor's Corner' started by ezlovan, Jul 26, 2019.

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    Something new for those of you who don't use bath soap in favor of using body wash or shower gels. As of this morning we now have natural liquid body soap available here

    I'm hoping to add more scents soon, but for now it's available in:

    Executive Man

    Sharp Dressed Man


    Mountain Man


    Ozark Mountain


    Baker Street

    They've got a really clean ingredients list, lather like a dream, and don't leave your skin feeling stripped at the end. Plus they come in a sweet ergonomic bottle that is a full pound of soap for $12.95.

    Thanks for looking. :)

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  2. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    Great creating, Rod :). I will certainly look into this(these) in the near future.
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  3. BlueShaver

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    Your FYI piece on them is fantastic. Well done. If these were available in Europe, i would be dipping into the holiday fund...
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  4. ezlovan

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    I should have some in the UK in the coming weeks.
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  5. brit

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    i am in..can't wait to see them up here..:)
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